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Thread: Nuk5 sucking on my cheek!

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    Unhappy Nuk5 sucking on my cheek!

    Hi guys, had a bit of a search but didn't find much on this, but I'm new so I might have missed it.

    I just got my Nuk5 dummy through and its awesome, apart from the fact that I seem to be pulling my cheek from inside over the teat.

    Has anyone else experienced this? It's pretty annoying because it puts me off using it, is there any way around this?

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    I just got mine yesterday, but I haven't noticed it doing that. If I do, I'll def. say something because *that* would be obnoxious.

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    How are you sucking? xD

    Seriously though, if you try and suck on it like you're drinking through a straw (ie, using your cheeks/opening your jaw) you'll probably run into this a lot, if you just use your tongue you shouldn't have a problem...

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    Yeah you have to suck with your tongue. I am a pro at sucking a Binky because I have sucked my thumb or that all my life.

    You will get used to it eventually. It takes some practice if you have not been doing it all your life. It took me a while to get the hang of sucking a bottle again. For the first couple weeks my tongue and mouth were sore. But now It is just a normal thing for me.

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    Thanks guys, just guess I haven't done it for years, I have probably been doing it more like a straw like LilRedMew said.

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