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Thread: The Dark Knight Rises

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    Default The Dark Knight Rises

    Wowzers. Straight up wowzers.

    Movie tonight. Its called The Dark Knight Rises, but its about Batman I guess. And Catwoman too. I went to the theatre to watch The Hobbit, but apparently it doesn't come out for like, six months or something, so I settled for this. And...

    Wowzers homies. So, like, has anybody else heard about this movie?

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    Looks pretty good, going to see it tonight. I'ts seems like it might be a bit of a long one though.

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    Going to see it Tuesday with Nihlus. It obviously won't live up to Dark Knight but hopefully it's not too far off.

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    I don't think I can ever see that movie after the massacre. I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about all those people murdered while watching the show.

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    Well THAT's sure going to put a kink in their opening weekend numbers!

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    Absolutely loved it. It was a brilliant film, with stunning visual imagery. 4.5/5 in my books.

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    I loved this film! My favourite of the year.

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    I haven't seen it yet but I've read the plot on wikipedia, I did the same with the Dark Knight.

    The plot seems okay bu not ny better or worse then The Dark Knight. I liked bane's backstory from the comics a bit sad it's not exactly like that in the movie. Still is and will always be a formidable villain for Batman to contend with. I do like the way Nolan ended the franchise though.

    Hopefully now he can get back to doing stuff like Prestige, inception and memento. Also his film first film (I think) Following is on Netflix Instantly. Haven't seen that one yet.

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    To sum it up without spoiling anything: It was good. A little slow at first but it certainly picks up in the third act. Definitely not as good as The Dark Knight by any means.

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