I was always to nervous to get daipers from a store so i alwayw got Tena, Depends and Molicare samples from there site sent to my local post office)

So the first time I bought diapers at a Supermarket (Coles) just out of the CBD, I was looking at getting Large Drintes (which are like Medium size in adult diapers)I found a Coles brand version and got the large and left(so nervous)went to the loo and tried them on but they were to small.

So the second time I went to this discount chemist and picked up an already open pack of Molicare Mobile and turned around and slightly took on out and the shop lady asked did I open them which I replied no, after back and forward argument she checked the store security cameras and it looked like i did open them so I put had to buy themI did say i had "no money" she said "well how were you going to buy them?" I said i'll come back with some, eventually I had to buy them and they did fit so no loss. Wasn't overly nervous.

Today I went to a different Coles, 90 mins away from home but like 10 mins from my trade school so no chance of seeing anyone I knew. I Went to the diaper isle and looked at what they had (I live in Australia so the only brads Australia has is Tena and Depends and rarely Molicare Mobile (this supermarket didn't). Saw what I wanted Depends pants max absorbancy and Tena Pants Max Absorbancy(felt even more nervous, thought I should get mre stuff so I did and got a basket, went to the diaper isle again and looked at the selection felt SO nervous that there was this kinda pain/sickness around my chest area), got the two packs and went to an automatic checkout, i bought everything and after scanning I tried removing one item which meant the shop lady came over to delete it, probably saw the packs of diapers). she deleted the item i didn't want, I packed it all and left the store and later tried them on and they too fit(wearing a Depend and a Tena now, they're the ones that are meant to look like real underwear).

Few! Relief and satisfaction!
Sorry about the long post but thats the entire story!