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Thread: World Of Warcraft?

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    Default World Of Warcraft?

    Anyone play the game? I gave it up for a few years but recently started playing again, was wondering if anyone on here played to! if so - what servers? im on tichondrius alliance

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    I play on Eldre'Thalas have since Vanilla. I have 5 85's Death Knight Warlock Warrior Hunter Druid. I'm no as active as I used to but it's still fun to do the old raiding content.

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    397 resto shammy here. Also have a 85 mage, priest, and druid but there not raid ready. My shammy is also lvl 90 on the beta servers at the moment (the US PvE one). I'm on silver hand, alliance.

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    I absolutely play ♥

    Transmogging is really my only true motivation for playing, but being a hardcore raider is kinda fun, too.

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    Yes!! I play!
    I jump from realm to realm quite a bit, but I only use around...20. :P
    Each realm has, 8 characters, all level 70+.
    My main is on Wyrmrest Accord. She is a level 85 blood elf warlock.
    I mostly RP, but I PvP now and then.
    .....Yes, I am a geek, in case you're wondering. :P

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    Before i tried it, i was kinda hating against it. Then i bought it and tried it, but never got the rhythm of the game. I was about lvl 60 when i quit.

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    dawnbringer mlc mlc and mlc look me up if you can type those chars with your computer, just got back into it after a few months of no activity...ohh and i play alliance and horde, and personally Alliance rocks PvE we hold #1 Guild in the world for clearing raid content but horde rock PvP haven't lost a BG yet so yah the're both good just in different ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rissy View Post
    Isn't there better MMORPGs to play?
    Guild Wars 2 hands down... I use to play WoW from the beginning, then I played the BETA for GW2 and it blew me away. Coming from someone who has tried Aion, Warhammer, Rift all in hopes of finding a better, more elaborate, more involved, more fun MMO, Im not kidding when I say Guild Wars 2 is the revolution of MMOs... I dont know if its a WoW killer, i dont think anything will ever "kill" WoW but it is definately competition.. completely innovative

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