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    So I was really just a lurker here during runs #1 and 2, and therefore didn't want to say anything (plus I was (and still am) in a pretty experimental phase where I've been trying to decide if this is really for me), but since I've made a few posts now I figured I'd start a thread on my latest run earlier today.

    Guess I'll start with some backstory. My first run was over a month ago and, after doing a lot of research here, I decided to pick up the Certainty briefs from Walgreens. Honestly, I wasn't as nervous going into the store and picking them up as I thought I'd be. Although I happened to be the only customer in the store besides one old lady, and wouldn't you figure, she walks right into the incontinence aisle after I start looking through the shelves for what I want. I grabbed the briefs while mumbling to myself fairly loudly "I think this is what he needs". Who knows if she fell for it, but it seemed like a good tactic for diverting attention away from the idea that they are for me. So I brought them home and wore them a few evenings as I sat at my computer after everyone else was in bed (I live at home with my family while I am going back to college). I'd drink a lot and flood them, at which point they always leaked just a little (I have since learned to slow down my wettings). After about a week and several diapers I got sick of dealing with leaks and decided the whole thing was just too much trouble and too weird, and didn't think it lived up to my expectations, so I threw out the rest of the pack, as it was weighing on my mind as a secret that must be kept hidden.

    So after several weeks I started getting the urge to want diapers again, and started looking around here more. I then decided to break down and pick up a pack of girls Goodnites (since they are supposedly more absorbent). Well, they're a tight fit and so I found them pretty uncomfortable. Again, not living up to my expectations, though I chose not to throw the pack away this time since last time I did it I regretted it and ended up buying more. Every once in a while when I felt like it I would put one on and wet it, but I didn't wear them around long just because they are so uncomfortable. I still have a couple sitting around in a new hiding spot from the first pack, which puts my mind more at ease, but I don't really like them.

    Well, for the past few weeks I'm not really sure how I've felt about the whole diaper thing. I started feeling the urge to give real diapers a second chance more the past few days, and even had a dream about them last night, so I pretty spontaneously decided to drive back up to Walgreens for another pack of Certainty briefs. The whole trip was uneventful and I brought them home and put them in another new hiding spot that makes me feel more secure, and I decided to go for a night walk while wearing one and wet (and, when I realized I had the urge, to mess) along the way. It was OK I guess, though I can't make a habit of messing because my mom notices when the toilet paper gets used up quicker than usual. As for whether I will actually enjoy this pack or decide it's not really my thing, I guess I'll have to see.

    So that's pretty much my story as far as diapers go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by someguy26 View Post
    OK I guess, though I can't make a habit of messing because my mom notices when the toilet paper gets used up quicker than usual.
    Buy yourself a packet of baby-wipes. You should use more than just toilet paper to clean yourself up, especially after messing.

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    Well, I took a shower right afterward, and I'm not really planning on messing regularly anyway.

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    I know what you mean about your mom and the toilet paper. My mom would so be the same way. But seeing as I have no choice in the matter and she knows that.

    But Anyway welcome to the diaper world whether or not you decide it is for you. I hope it goes well and I would suggest trying a different brand of diaper. Maybe go to a pharmacy and get a little better diaper. It takes a lot of experimenting to find the diaper you like best. I used store diapers for years and was very frustrated all the time because they did not hold up. I would find myself waking up to a puddle and a wet diaper and I would be near tears. But since I have discovered diapers that work I am much better off and much happier as well. So try different ones till you find the one you like.

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