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    Default petitions. Details inside.

    If anyone is interested in signing this petitions to get men's-Skirts, utilikits & skirts for men in big box stores please do so. Your help will be greatly appreciated & Thank you.

    Petition: Walmart, Target, JCPenney, Sears, Macy's and other big box clothing stores.: Start selling mens skirts, utilikilts, and skirts to males in the stores. |

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    This is a silly petition. If Utilikilts were popular enough to sell they would already be on store shelves. No petition with five (or 500) signatures will change that

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    It only asks for 100, so it's certainly not going to impact it period. Plus they make enough money as it is without going into un-familiar territory.

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    If it's popular they will sell, if is not, don't.

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    Well 100,000 signatures might make impression to get them to try it in more progressive areas of the country.
    but certainly not just a 100 or 500.

    I did sign it though in hopes of bring about a larger movement.

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    No i do understand how small this petition is and the chances of it alone causing any change is slime to none however it might at least lead to something more down the road. But who know's

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    This is not how business works. Stores sell the stuff they make any/the most profit from, and that's usually stuff which is in high demand. If you want certain items to appear in big stores you'll have to convince the store that there's a demand for it, and that's best done by pointing out other/smaller stores making a killing from a certain item.

    That's why big stores only sell mainstream stuff. Less popluar stuff is sold in specialty stores. So if you're looking for a 15mm valve for your pressure cleaner, Wal-mart is probably not the best place to go. The same applies to a spare tyre for your Ferrari. Or try asking for a 50" flat screen TV in your bakery

    So don't petition - your local Wal-Mart is not your local city council. Start proving to them that the item you want to see has a market.


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    Petitioning a retailer usually is more successful when you've established a significant demand but they're still not stocking them for policy reasons.

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