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Thread: Questions About technology?

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    Default Questions About technology?

    Maybe I can help.
    Just reply to this thread or message me.

    Note: I've got more knowledge about apple products.

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    Yes get me a sledge hammer and that will solve any problems anyone has

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    I'm sorry. I'm afraid not in the business of destroying things. but a recommendation would be someone with explosives so you can see a colourful exit for those gadgets

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    i use Win7 Ultimate for all my 'normal stuff' like gaming, web browsing
    My Mac's only get used for Logic Pro, i use a Mac Pro that i was given that didn't due to a HDD crash, fixed that up and discovered it was one of the newer top spec models and was just out of warrenty, i also have a macbook pro for when i leave the mouse
    overall i prefer my macs over my PC but use my PC most of the time as overwise i have to put up with a crappy internet speed & the weather to get to my studio (which seme-perminate buliding in the backgarden)

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    I use Arch Linux mostly. My main PC triple-boots Arch, XP and 7.

    I also have Arch Linux on my netbook and media centre, and XP on my laptop and print server.

    I'm thinking of putting Arch on the laptop too. I can't get rid of XP completely, but Arch performs so much faster than XP that it'd be worth double-booting...

    I have stared at Apple Macs and felt like I was peering in on some alternate reality where I suddenly don't know anything about computers. It's eerie, and I am compelled to return to the familiar "face" of Linux and Windows at once! (Yeah, I know the Mac OS is Unixish, but I still can't get it to do anything I want it to!)

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    I'm pretty much strictly tied to Windows since I program in C# all the time, including the WPF framework and latest .NET frameworks which unfortunately aren't available through mono.

    I love Linux, and use it when I can, but normally I really do need Windows.

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    Windows 7 here.

    *expresses love for Snipping Tool*


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    I use Windows 7 at home and at work, though at work I use pretty much every semi-modern OS imaginable in some capacity (except Apple stuff but including Unix systems).

    I wish Windows had more of a Unix like shell - imo its the shell is Apple's biggest advantage over Microsoft.

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    all of the above and more
    all variations of windows and osx, most linux/unix based systems, OS/2, minix, Symbian, and more

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    Windows 7 for games and editing / rendering, and a few different Linux distros for general web use, ect. At the moment I have Linux Mint. I run them both off a partitioned 64GB SSD, with my files being stored on a "server" (My old PC with bigger HDD's installed). It works for me.

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