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    my girl friend is 5'2 skinny, weighs about 110 pounds. i need to know which diapers and pullups i can use? i dont wanna spend my money without knowing!

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    Wow... she's tiny! I'm a bet envious! I would think she should be able to get into any of the largest 'baby' diapers and/or pull ups (i.e. Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, etc.). They wouldn't fit her like a real baby of course, and they'd be tight, but she should be able to wear them. Also, she'd fit very nicely in large Goodnights or any of the 'bedwetter' type diapers for older kids. As for adult diapers, she's too small for most of them. She'd need the smallest size you could find. Hope this helps!

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    thank you that helps alot! is there any size you could recommend? i personally like pampers or huggies?
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    I'm sure there's someone else on here closer to her size that would be able to give you a better idea on exact sizes and brands. Also, if you know her exact waist size that would probably help others give a better recommendation. As for personal experience, I'm just a bit too big for actual baby diapers (31"-32" waist) and 135-140lbs, so I can't help you there. I do know that, though they are a little tight and I have to be careful pulling them up so they don't tear, even I am able to wear large goodnight fairly comfortably. Also, I wear medium adult diapers, though sometimes they are a bit big, because it is hard to find small ones in stores.

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