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Thread: Diaper sizes-How can i find the right diaper size?

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    Default Diaper sizes-How can i find the right diaper size?

    I'm just starting out and i'm wondering how i can get measurements for diaper sizes?

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    Well most of the factors affecting diaper fit is your Hips,Waist and your body type in general.
    A little quote from one of my past threads to help you:

    "Guys are a bit more lucky on that part (talking about the hips) but also would have to check because we all have different bodies of course but in general here is a waist size chart I made:
    Size 20-26: Infant Diapers, Youth Diapers or Small Adult Diapers
    Size 27-35: Large Youth Diapers or Medium Adult Diapers
    Size 36+: Large to XL Adult Diapers

    *Before I forget to add, your butt (hahaha laugh I said butt *shakes fist* you darn immature whippersnappers) does become a variable to wearing diapers as it can also cause tapes to extend more than they need to*"

    I really hope this helps with your diaper seeking needs

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    Thabks alot you really know your stuff~ ^~^ thank you

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