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Thread: New Member!!

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    Default New Member!!

    Where to begin....I am 20, male, straight, more than happily married.

    I am very excited to meet new people that share the same interests as me. I never met an ABDL before. I am a very friendly person to talk to and willing to speak honestly to people that have the same interests.

    The only other person I have "come out" to is my wonderful wife, whom I love and couldnt ask for more from her. She participates with me and accpets me for who I am.

    Any New York, NYC, Long Island ABs, DLs, etc. in the house?

    Im from Hunitington...let me know a little about you and you about me.
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    Hi Welcome to ADISC. So could you tell more about yourself. Like what is your hobbies or interest don't be shy. And last is i hope you enjoy the site and find new friend

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    Well I am 20yo and happily married.

    I love the martial arts. I have been doing them for the past 7 years now. I have my black belt in one style and am working on my other.

    I havr been with the fire dept since I was 15 and an EMT since I was 16. I love helping and educating others.

    My interests are wearing diapers and using them.

    I wear disposables with tapes. They are by far my favorite. I have never tried others so I cant judge.

    I am more of a DL than AB. Althoigh yesterday my wife just bought me a bottle and two pacifiers.

    Looking for friends in Long Island or New York, but willing to make friends with anyone!
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    Hey Sam. What Martial Art do you have your black belt in? I'm currently training in Kajukenbo. I've only got my yellow belt so far though.

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    Welcome to our community. I too am like 90% DL but occasionally wear onesies and plastic pants.

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    I have my black belt in Ryu Kyu Kempo and going for my second in Kosho Ryu.

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    I've never heard of Ryu Kyu. What kind of style is it? More form/style based? Or is it more practical/self defense oriented?

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    It is actually both. George Dillman is Grandmaster. although do not go by his new teachingals, such as the no touch what a load of crap

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    Hello, SamI, and welcome to ADISC. There are infact a number of *B/DL's from NY, and DAMN you live close to me :P

    I'm more into computers and electronics, do car repair for quick (More like slow, painful, annoying and not so worth it) cash. About food - I /HATE/ spicy food :P

    As far as *B/DLism, I'm more of a TB, but I still wear diapers, with a varying degree of sexual attraction to them.
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