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Thread: Alcohol (18+ or 21+ if USA)

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    Default Alcohol (18+ or 21+ if USA)


    Do you drink alcohol on a regular basic (weekends or what ever), or you do not drink at all? Does alcohol affect your behavior in what you say online or not?

    As myself, I often take a drink, if i am stressed to calm down (If you're under 18 (21 in USA) do not try to get hold of any alcoholic liquids).

    What's your thoughts about alcohol?

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    I am an absolute beer/wine/spirits geek. I have currently 3 bottles of wine, 45 bottles of craft beer including 750ml and 375ml. The main reason I drink is for taste, the buzzing is a nice side affect.

    I'm pretty good at moderating myself, and doesn't affect my online habits. I never drink to relieve any pain or stress. I take 2 week breaks between binge drinking parties.

    I usually drink right after work and hop online, like right now.

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    53 yo wine drinker here. I've been through most types of booze from beer to Bacardi 151, had to give it up for several years and along with diapers it makes life better for me. Wine as any alcohol relaxes one including inhibitions so sometimes I do go a bit overboard posting but it is the real me coming out stronger. I could easly go into booze and wreck my life so I watch my intake.

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    I normaly have a few bottles of beer every night. I also enjoy scotch and rum strait.

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    I like mixed drinks but don't really know to many. My favorite is a bloody Mary with horseradish.

    All beer tastes the same to me I prefer dark beers.

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    I don't drink regularly, actually. I'm legal age in the UK now, but it's never appealed to me much. The most I'll have is a beer if I end up in that sort of situation without expecting it.

    I think I prefer the taste to social expectation anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkmon View Post
    I like mixed drinks but don't really know to many. My favorite is a bloody Mary with horseradish.

    All beer tastes the same to me I prefer dark beers.

    I like mixed "fruity" drinks as well, generally it's what I drink.

    Most commonly Bols Melon, Orient Apple Vodka, and Sour Apple Mix. So Tasty :3

    I usually try to moderate to about 1 drinking period/month. However, I haven't drank anything in like 4 months due to money :P

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    I am an alco nut! firstly I'm not an alcoholic, my drinking these days is sparodic at best, but I have been there and done that for most things, I do drink often but the only time I can garantee I'll drink is on Saturday nights with my mates, i live in the uk and have been drinking regularly scince I turned 16 when I got a job as a glass collector and later a barman in a local bar that was THE place to go! we always had a few drinks after work (no complaints about being under age that only applies during open hours and if you pay for it!!!!) I strongly believe that this stood me well as we didn't drink to get drunk it was just social drinking and I think stopped me from getting to be a piss head like many I know, young people need to be shown that alcohol can be enjoyed without ending up face down in the gutter and the best way to do this is with older freind and family, plus as a teenager hanging around with sexy barmaids and hard as nail bouncers for freinds was ace they would also help to get into local nightclubs too as we all turned up at once and marched in together, that's not to say I've never got plastered but in the past 13 years I only count 5 times I can honestly say I regret getting that drunk!

    Anyway I always used to drink alco pops but these days I like quality so I drink ale cider and spirits, whiskey especially, I keep at least 10 different whiskeys on hand and I dabble with others such as brandy and mezcal but as the good stuff is pretty pricy that doesn't happen often! Oh and if you want cocktails I make a mean Bloody Mary!

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    26 year old here who has honestly never taken a sip of an alcoholic bevereage (other than cough syrup or something when I was sick).. I honestly just don't see the appeal of it myself. I won't lok down on anyone who drinks unless it starts to mess up their life or something, but to me it just seems like a pointless habit to get into. There has to be better ways to relax or wind down, than something that could potentially lead to an addiction and cause ohysical damage to your body. But that is just my opinion.

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    I drink once in a while. Mostly socially, but sometimes at home I'll have a beer or a glass of wine. It's not really an every day thing, though. Just when the mood strikes me.

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