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Thread: What are the rules to baby sitting?

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    Default What are the rules to baby sitting?

    I'm babysitting a TB and was wondering how should i handle it?

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    It depends what you mean by

    Quote Originally Posted by heather332567 View Post
    how should i handle it?

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    It kinda all depends on your pre exisiting relationship with them. If this is the first time you are meeting them, then I would say no tb stuff at all. Just get to know the real them and talk over what kind of expectations you have. If you are already good friends or something more than I would still reccommend discussing some guidelines and expectations, does he want his diaper changed? Just to have someone watch him play with toys and suck a paci? Someone to hold him and cuddle him and treat him like a baby? Or to feed him and carry him everywhere? And what are you comfortable doing with him? You should both know what the other wants and where their comfort zone is before ever actually roleplaying the parts.

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    (Ps... on another subject. I just noticed you are a new member here and I would love to be one of the firsts to welcome you to the site, but it is usually best to start off by posting an intro in the intro/greetings forum so everyone can learn a little more about you and your interests, both abdl interests and non-abdl)

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    ok and thank you~

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    Honestly? There already has been some good advice, but if there has already been boundaries set and all, then treat it as if you were babysitting an actual infant or toddler, depending on the regressed age of the person you are babysitting. Play with them, maybe make some snacks and/or feed them, snuggle during a movie, whatever. Make sure you are helpful and attentive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PamperedKari View Post
    if it helps, I'm the one being babysat
    Well in that case I think you are the only person who's opinion really counts in this thread besides the OP

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    I've been taken care of many times, and have done a lot of caretaking myself, so I think I have a few good ideas. Assuming you guys feel comfortable with each other--and I'm going to proceed as if you are--then there are a couple of rules I find fun to implement:

    1.) You have to do what the caretaker says.

    Again, this is only if you feel totally comfortable letting someone take charge of you. As a caretaker, your cub should do as you say. For example, if you feel your cub needs a bath - its bath time! Same goes for bedtime. This is a fun, safe, and entertaining way to make someone feel cared for and submissive. Be responsible about what you do though. Try to keep things fun. Let your cub have play time on his own if he/she wants it. My favorite part of applying this rule is dressing my cub. I can put whatever I want on him, and he can't complain.

    2.) No using "big boy" words, but always have a safety word.

    This is probably the most important rule. If one of you feels uncomfortable at any time, have a safety word. Otherwise, no using adult language, or speaking in sentences. Keep it brief and immature. In practice this might be hard, but its definitely fun! Long ago I dated another member of ADISC, and when I'd caretake, he'd whine, growl, scowl, or pout when he wanted something. It was adorable. If you're going to be a baby, then it helps to have a baby's vocabulary. Again, only if you're comfortable. This might be extreme for some. I don't usually restrict my speaking ability when I'm being little.

    3.) No using the potty. You're wearing a diaper for a reason.

    If you're going to be a baby, then you should probably be wearing a cute diaper. I like Cushies, SDK's, or Bambinos. As a caretaker, you will probably be asked to change diapers, so be prepared for that. Most of the time, people will just wet and blush about it. You can also do diaper checks to see if your cub needs a change. Change often so your cub doesn't leak (I know this from experience), and point "it" down for guys. I won't comment on messing, but if you're both okay with it, then its something to consider allowing. If not, I'd recommend oatmeal or bananas as a substitute. I've had a friend ask if he could mess, but shower afterwards, and I'm alright with that. I'm usually pretty laid back about potty habits, but its something to sort out beforehand.

    I hope you guys have a great time. Being taken care of is lots of fun and so is babysitting. You might consider taking your cub to the park, beach, or woods. I've been to all sorts of places with my daddy.


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