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Thread: Diaper Appeal.

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    Default Diaper Appeal.

    What is your favorite diaper and why?
    Although it doesn’t look like a real baby’s diaper, like the Bambino or Cushie; I love the Attends six tape diapers. It’s hard to explain, but there’s something about the two extra tapes on the diaper that makes it look so appealing When you put it on nice and tight, then come up into a sitting position, the look in my eyes is indescribable. The feel as it contours around the legs and at the gathers, heaven! Last, every picture, including seeing myself in one, looks like a baby with an oversized diaper like a preemie wearing toddler’s size. This is silly, I know, but this is why I love them

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    At the time my fav diaper is probably pampers babydry, because it was the first diaper i tried as a DL. ofc it doesnt hold much, but the softness of it makes me feel young again.

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    I would give them a try, but I think my Butt is way too big for that lol!

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    Was Abena X-Plus but there long gone M-4s were good but seem to get worse with each case. Tranquility ATNs had tape issues but are better lately and soak up pee like no other, lots of SAP, but I'm between sizes. It's a toss up between them.

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    My favorite is the Molicare Special Soft Extra diaper. Even though I like plastic back sheets better than cloth-like, this diaper fits better than any other I've tried because of the extra length they've allowed in the middle. Plus, it has super cute blue stripes, and the construction makes the diaper look more like a modern baby diaper than any other that I've tried.

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    Tena Slip Maxi for me. They have such a soft plastic back cover that feels so babyish. They swell nicely too.

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    My favorite diaper:

    Adult diaper:Bambino Teddy because it has teddy bears on it and it fits me nicely and its thick too

    Baby diaper[I can only use these as a booster]:Cuddle Ups Baby Diapers,most cheapest[$6.99 for 23],most cutest because it has animals on it[likes dogs and turtles] with all around prints,and can hold unnormally[as in 600-800ml] massive amounts of liquid for a baby diaper and its super thick too with even more thickness when wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonybaby View Post
    What is your favorite diaper and why?
    My favorite diaper would probably have to be the Overnight Huggies.

    Ever since I discovered or rather finally accepted this side of myself I took advantage over the fact that I am skinny and small
    and started wearing Infant Diapers. At times I do think its because of the design but I dont know, Its more like its what I started off with though
    at times I do wish I could get my own custom designs. The looks of most Adult Diapers really dont catch my eye which is why I rarely worn any Adult Diapers.

    If in the future I could take advantage of getting some that fit more my style I would but *shrugs* thats my favorite Diaper.

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