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    For years, Iíve wanted to be treated like an actual infant, as itís been a fantasy of mine for quite some time. Iíve had real time with people in the past and right now, I currently have a very good friend I love and trust, treat me as her own newborn son. Nothing crazy, no ďOh My God, he has a mommyĒ, type stuff. Sheís just a friend I took a chance and trusted her with my secret and I found she was open-minded enough to eventually come to love it. Back to my point, I was raised to be a pretty serious person, self-respecting and ďthereís a time and a place for everythingĒ manor. While Iím not saying, no one else who is an AB wasnít raised the way I was; I am having trouble letting myself go. If I try to do things like make sounds while playing with toys, or aimlessly waving my arms and legs when playing newborn, or baby talking when I pretend to be a little older, itís almost like I get hung up. Even if I force myself to pretend cry or act like Iíve had way too much sugar to eat, I come out of it feeling extremely silly and I beat myself up for it as long as Iím thinking about it. Personally, I think I make for a pretty sorry baby myself, but I just donít know how to give in. Has anyone else ever been here before? I would love to hear about other experiences and what you may have tried to do, to help yourself along.

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    First off, congradulations on finding someone who will entertain your fantasy. I too can admit to having similar desires to be babied. My wife is loving and accepting but she doesn't participate beyond buying me toys, which I love her for. However I still find solace in some simple regression on the occasional Saturday morning. I'll get my big toy box out and play on the floor with my blocks and coloring books. It is definatly a mind set I have to want to get into. I see myself as more of a toddler anyway and don't use baby noises, baby talk is more my speed. Most of the time I am content to cozy and play with my plushy. I love to eat foods with my fingers, that puts me in a regressive mood. I think if you keep at it you'll find what works for you.

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    I will pose a question, why is exhibiting a nature that may not be yours, desirable?
    I am 5'20" in heels and regularly out enfem. I do not care if I am read and quite frankly surprised if I am not. I don't try for a hyper feminine or change my voice... I am who I am and I have fun with it, anything that is uncomfortable why would you want to?

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    I guess for me, to make a long post shorter, its not so much that I don't want to do it or that I am forcing myself to do something that might not be me. I truly think the bottom line is, I may be too shy for my own good. You have given me something to think about though. Thank you both

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    dont beat your self up over it or feel silly and i still do it and i did find it hard at first but now i do it with out a problem and that sounds good to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonybaby View Post
    I guess for me, to make a long post shorter, its not so much that I don't want to do it or that I am forcing myself to do something that might not be me. I truly think the bottom line is, I may be too shy for my own good. You have given me something to think about though. Thank you both
    You're definitely not alone here. I react the same way when I try to regress in a way I'm not used to. It won't come naturally, after all, you've been raised to behave the exact opposite of the baby you're trying to portray. A part of you is quite obviously going to say, "Stop, what are you doing? You're not supposed to act like this!" The trick is, however, to avoid that voice and let yourself engage in full baby-play freely. Once you get over that shyness, it becomes more natural. My caretaker tried to get me to baby talk so many times, and I just couldn't..I would try to talk and literally nothing would come out but a slight whisper. I didn't give up though, and now I can almost do it at anytime. Granted, even if you ignore your reserved mindset, you're bound to feel silly sometimes. That's okay, in fact, it's probably a sane reaction! Tell yourself over and over that it's okay to be a baby. That this is what you want and what you're comfortable with. You just have to learn to accept yourself, whether you're in a baby mood or an adult mood, and you'll eventually blossom.

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    While I'll never tell anyone here "You must do this, this and this" I feel the route of the problem lies in your older childhood inhibitions, you know all that "stop being a baby" stuff most of us have drummed into us and part of good age regression from whatever ageplay angle you personally come from is related to your ability to make a break from that.

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    I'm pretty sure you just need to engage the true feelings your having. I know how it feels to try and force certain behaviors but I think it's way more important to listen to your feelings and just do what comes natural. I think you kinda grow into it. Seriously I have trouble playing with toys mostly, but I love seeing pics of other AB/TBs doing this but then when I'm regressing there's no doubt to me that I feel fully baby. I'm always happy to try out new stuff though when I get the chance.

    I think your probably thinking too much about how your friend sees you, but hey she's happy enough to play with you...she's expecting you to be a baby...just be what you 'feel' like, not what you think you should be like. she'll find that babyish enough....maybe then the other stuff will just start feeling right too.

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    99.999% of us ABs are not 100% babies all the time. Having inhibitions is the norms my friend. Have you or your friend ever read Rosalie Bent's "There's a Baby In My Bed?" It's written for the spouses/significant others of ABs who want to "mommy" or "daddy" them frequently. The book mentions limitations and "stages" of regression. It also mentions "leakage" of behaviors of the "adult" side and the "baby" side showing up in the opposite side of ABs.

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    Your post title just made me think about my own personality contradictions: I enjoy wearing diapers, watching cartoons, collecting action figures from my childhood and, on rare occasions, having a full-blown G.I. Joe War! However, there is still a side of me that seems to fight my toddler side. For example, I hate to use baby or little kid language. I hate most words that end in "i" or "y"--as in tummi, yummi, binky, paci, potty, and blanky. So go figure; I feel you.

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