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Thread: my mum thinks something.. (please read, sorry if its long)

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    Question my mum thinks something.. (please read, sorry if its long)

    ok. so, let me start off by saying, i have not wet the bed since i was like 6. When i was 16, i had just gotten my double bed (it was ammmaaazing). At this point of my life, of course i was getting into underage drinking. That house we were in was when i met my mate who lived up the road from me, and we became best mates. Now at this age of course it was all about wanting to try new things, (and for those of you who have read my diaper blog, i wont reference it but ask if you want it) We tried a lot of new things such as drugs and got drunk a lot (of course i do not do drugs anymore and barley binge drink which im proud of). Anyway so when my parents were together back then, they went to queensland for a wedding, and left my two sisters and me alone for a week. My older sister was 19 at the time and drank a lot to. One night in that week we were alone, my sister had a party. My mate whose name was Alex, came down and we both got really drunk. Anyway to cut the story, Alex stayed over the night, and fell asleep in my bed while i slept on the coach. In the morning i found out that he had vomited all over the bed, i cleaned it as much as i could but couldnt get the stain out of my new mattress. For two years that stain has been on my mattress. When I got into wearing diapers at home, all i had bought was depends briefs (and still do since i cant order them) and i had just worn my first diaper to bed. In the morning i was wearing a diaper so of course i peed in it, which i didnt realize how bad it was and it leaked out the back. I freaked out and cleaned it up, tried to get rid of the stain but it stayed. Recently i was wearing 2 pull ups and a depends :3 and so in the morning i peed in it, and found out that it had done the same thing and come out the back. So i took of my sheets off and told my mum i was going to get the munt stain off when the plan was to get off the pee stains. it didnt work so then i got worried and forgot about it. Tonight i said to my mum tonight i was determined to get the vomit off, and she goes "you know we could put a protective sheet over it to make you feel better." Does this mean she thinks im a bedwetter? because why would i need a protective sheet for a vomit stain from two years ago? im a way i am a little excited but at the same time i feel i have lost my dignity (no offense bedwetters out there)
    what do you think? please help ><

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    I'd say it could simply be an idea she had for preventing the vomit stain from getting in contact with your sheets, seeing as you're so worried about it (or at least that's what she thinks).

    Can't you turn the mattress upside down? But then be careful not to wet it again, otherwise you won't have the vomit stain excuse available anymore

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    the vomit stain is close to the top of the mattress so i turned it to the other end of the bed, and i wish i could flip it, it is only one side, and the other sides are uncomfortable springs. I duno, ive always been an experimental kid haha. when i was like 17 and i didnt have diapers i peed in my undies for no apparent reason, and didnt have time to put in the wash so i hand washed it and put it under my bed to dry, and about 2 days later i went to get it to see if it was dry but it was gone. im positive my mum took it and washed it, but she is a really sweet mother and she didnt say anything about it. just more pieces to the puzzle ><

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    There is a fair chance she thinks you're having problems and are too embarrassed to tell her. I had a similar situation when i was working retail and extremely stressed, I was sure someone had been creeping about upstairs while i was washing my sheets at 4am the couple times i had problems. that was confirmed when they commented on the weird mold patch above my bed (damp house so any moist areas tend to cause mold above) then shortly after suggested i go to the doctors if "something" was bothering me.

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    eh thats gay i guarentee if i told my mum about my diapers, she would accept it, 100%. but i dont think i am really ready for that.. maybe not even ever. i just dont want my bed to have a pee stain on it

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    Don't use the word gay to describe things you think are bad. That's terrible form, especially here.

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    She may be referring to a mattress topper! This is a thin pad maybe half an inch thick sewn into an elastic aged sheet commonly used when the top of mattress is worn ripped or stained with dark colours that can show through thin white sheets! They also make them with that 'memory foam'

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    She probably thinks you are a bedwetter and you were lying about it being a vomit stain. Most people cover up their bedwetting issues. Some may not say a word about it to their kids because it's their bed and their problem. I know others would because they worry about their kids.

    But I would still take precaution (because she may not be thinking you are a bedwetter) and you can take the offer so your bed be protected from the future vomiting and the leaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endurlay View Post
    Don't use the word gay to describe things you think are bad. That's terrible form, especially here.
    Agreed, I hate that!

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    I would use the mattress cover, I have one that is waterproof and is not like a plastic sheet. It is a good idea all around, you may spill things on the bed.

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