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    There is a consignment store near my house that almost always always has adult diapers and baby diapers of some sort and occasionally goodnites. I want to buy my first time from here but I'm scared because its local and the lady might remember me. Anyways do a lot of consignment stores have diapers or am I just lucky? What are your experiences with thrift/consignments stores etc.?

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    Whenever I buy diapers in thrift stores, no one says anything about it. But it be so awkward if I had my child with me and I was getting adult diapers. I can imagine the cashier telling me "You know these are adult diapers right?" and I say "yes" and she goes "well these won't fit your son" and I say "They're not for him."

    I don't see many thrift stores having diapers, sometimes I see one having some and it's rare when one has a bunch. but I take them when I see them and are my size or my husband's size and I have the money for it. But if they are pull ups or undergarments, forget it. I am thinking I should start taking size small adult diapers or youth ones if I see any or undergarments and use them as stuffers for crappy diapers I still have for my husband. I could use them for myself too if I ever have crappy diapers i got at a thrift store.

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    To anyone close to the Lansing, MI area, st vincent de paul on cedar had 8 packs of 40 Tena Ultra size medium at $6/pack. Thanks to me, they only have 4 packs left, I mean $24 for 160 really great daytime diapers, how can you go wrong?

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    There's a place up in Burlington Vermont called Recycle North. It's a shop that's run primarily on donations. You can find furniture, old electronics (although after an incident with a computer I bought there I will never purchase anything that runs on electricity from that place ever again) and other cool stuff. One afternoon I saw they had huge packages of hospital grade adult diapers.

    They product didn't even play with words like, "Briefs" or "Absorbant Pads", it came right out with saying they were diapers.

    I think I was flat broke at the time and I couldn't buy them, but to answer your question, sometimes you get lucky.

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