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Thread: Practical Diapers?

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    Default Practical Diapers?

    Most everyone here achieves some level of enjoyment, or at least doesn't dis-like wearing diapers.

    A lot of the time, people express concern, or nervousness, or anticipation, or whatever, about wearing anywhere other than in the strictest privacy.

    I am curious, however, as to how people feel about wearing for practical reasons, and what might constitiute 'practical diaper-worthy reasons' even though diapers might not be *needed*.

    I suspect that the list might be a *bit* longer than the run-of-the-mill population.

    An example: A long car-trip, working a job with long shifts or lack of 'clean' bathrooms, etc.

    Maybe camping, where you don't want to go outside to the outhouse/bush/etc. in the night, after you've gotten comfortable, and it might be inconveniently chilly or just a hassle.

    Maybe because of no clean underwear on laundry day?

    Any thoughts?

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    The movies! Drink all the soda you want and never miss any of the movie.

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    How about a concert? About impossible to move around in a crowded one, I imagine, and some of them can be pretty lengthy.

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    I found them to be excellent while trail riding/rock crawling in my jeep!

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    It might be different for girls but I can't see many situations where diapers are really more practical than toilets. If it is that much of a pain to get to a toilet changing will be imposible.

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    Long haul trucking, while skiing, working in adverse conditions involving layers and layers of clothing. Plane rides.

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    This is a good point, and it also provides a good angle out should you need to explain your wearing to someone who doesn't already know. In my experience, most people are surprisingly open to the idea of wearing for practicality, even though the might not to choose to do it themselves.

    The best examples, some of which have already been cited:

    Long road trips (especially with a lot of other people, which makes the logistics of restroom stops a hassle)
    Movies (I wet my diaper 3-4 times during "Act of Valor!" No way was I gonna miss any of that movie...)
    Concerts (This is a huge one! I bet even total non-DLs have at least considered it)
    Skiing/snowboarding (Who wants to ski all the way back to the lodge and remove all that clothing just to pee?)
    Plane trips (Epecially on small planes with no restrooms! I once rode in a Cessna for 6 hrs and very nearly wet myself!)
    Shopping/out in public (My excuse: "I have a real phobia of public restrooms!"

    ETC...really I think you could make a case for the convenience/practicality in just about every situation, though it might be less believeable if you are, say, sitting at home on your sofa 10 feet away from the bathroom. People might think it's a bit strange, but most won't condemn you for it, or even care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoven View Post
    Maybe camping, where you don't want to go outside to the outhouse/bush/etc. in the night, after you've gotten comfortable, and it might be inconveniently chilly or just a hassle.
    I've read of quite a few people who think that diapers are a good way to deal with the absence of toilets when camping... But I don't get it... I can't imagine wearing anywhere where there wasn't running water to wash/shower...

    The best reason for wearing would be when travelling by public transport. All too often the loos are in a pretty bad state or are locked out of service. I remember having a ~4 hour train journey where the toilets on every train and at every station were locked! I ended up running out of a train and having to pee right in the middle platform. Nice, huh? I can't imagine how pregnant women or people with control issues would deal with a situation like that.

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    Not one I've ever tried, but featured on TV at least once: Hard-Core Epic Video Gaming??

    I'm not sure whether this thread should be more along the lines of 'what would you consider a practical reason to wear a diaper (which you have)
    'what is an acceptable reason for the general population'.

    Another reason, practical, maybe, maybe not, lounge wear for around the house. Maybe not so practical, but I'll bet that a lot of us do that. LOL!

    Incedentally, do most of you consider diapers as 'ho-hum, just another type of underwear' 'kinky accessory' or 'OMG I'm going to die of embarassment if I'm ever seen'

    I suspect that those who've gone 24/7 for a while, or wear regularly, lean towards the 'ho-hum' end of the spectrum.

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    ...according to the media, our favourite "underwear" is commonly used by the hardcore gamblers at the slots in Las Vegas! I will try later in the summer! ;-)

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