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Thread: Goodnites success story =)

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    Default Goodnites success story =)

    Today after work, I decided to go ahead and finally try out Goodnites. I was very hesitant, as I was worried that they would not fit as I am a bit overweight (not obese, but still.) Anyway, I went to Walgreens, and was glad to find that not only they had the girl ones there in the L-XL size (those were actually the only girl ones my Walgreens had at that moment), but also that they came in a 12-pack, not one of those gigundo ones, since I wasn't sure they would work.

    Anyway, I wasn't actually nervous about buying them, so I was very normal and pretty nonchalant. To say that the cashier was apathetic to her surroundings would be an understatement. She looked bored out of her mind, and didn't give two hoots as to what I was buying, anyway.

    So I got home, and my mom was out! YAY. I didn't have to be all sneaky or anything. I opened up my pack of goodnites, and was pleased to find that the sides are really very stretchy. I was not expecting them to be this stretchy! And lo, they fit!

    I put some pants on, and I couldn't even tell just by looking at my butt that anything was off. They're still a *little* crinkly, but that's because I was listening for it. When my mom came home, she didn't notice anything. This makes me super happy because now I can wear whenever I want...being discreet and still having that diapered feeling (well, sort of.)

    In conclusion (in conclusion? Wtf? What is this, an essay? Lol, sorry) I'm glad I finally went for it and bought Goodnites. Clearly I was worried for nothing...and maybe after I lose more weight, I'll be able to squeeze into pullups, which, IMO, have much cuter designs. Sooo..yep. I just wanted to share my little story. Thanks for reading

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    Well, congratulations!

    The new style they came out with in 2010 is much stetchier than the older ones, so anyone who had a hard time with those just might want to give the newer ones a try...

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    Yeah, new Goodnites are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

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    I did figure out a downside...sometimes I forget I'm in a goodnite. When I'm in a diaper and someone happens to be home (for example, if I diaper myself when I go to bed), I always remember to keep my blanket over myself. But when I'm in a goodnite, it almost feels like underwear and I'll just be sitting there like, whateverrrr. Once I almost went upstairs without putting any pants on 0-o Oops.

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    The pull ups may leek were the goodnites will hold more made for bedwetter's

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