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    i have a question medically related i went and seen a ureolagist( i think thats right) the other day and they had me drink alot of water and hold it for as long as i could then they used this thing they said is usually used to look into girls bellys to see babys and they said my bladder can hold a max of 7 ounces i was wondering if thats alot cause i mean it has to be right i mean 7 ounces come on thats bigger then 1 gallon right im confused and nobody at my house will tell me for some reason

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    7 ounces is less than a can of soda (Mini-cans are 8 ounces, and regular cans are 12 ounces).

    One US Cup is 8 US Ounces

    One quart is 32 US Ounces

    Half a gallon is 64 US Ounces

    1 gallon is 128 US Ounces

    Upon a Google search - 250 mL is the average where you feel the urge (Approximately 8 ounces), and the capacity (for an average full grown male) is 500 mL, or approximately 16 Ounces, or 2 cups.

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    Uhh...there are 128 ounces in a gallon. A cup is 8 ounces. Your bladder holds less than a cup. (And, just for fun, there are 16 cups in a gallon XD)

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    o ;_; i got a small bladder then i dont feel so proud now i guess that explains why i gotta go pee every 30 minutes thanks you guys

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    You guys should really measure things in metric.

    But yeah, from what I understand, 7 ounces isn't a whole lot. Most people are able to hold it for longer than 30 minutes (even including me), so I reckon you do have a small bladder. Maybe your doctor can suggest some sort of exercises you can do to increase bladder capacity, or to not feel the urge so soon (as I reckon your bladder is not actually that tiny and that your going every 30 mins is just a sensory issue).


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    Encyclopedia Americana - International Edition. Danbury, CT: Grolier, 2001.
    "When it is completely filled, the bladder can hold approximately 17 to 18 ounces 500 to 530 ml) of urine."

    To say the least you have a small bladder

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