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Thread: mommys? daddys?

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    Default mommys? daddys?

    umm hello i was wondering if there was any mommys or daddys actually on adisc ive never met any mainly cause i dont know were to look and not sure how to talk to them if i found any....anyways if there are any mommys or daddys here could you post here or pm me

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    I would love have a "mommy".. But I also like to be a "daddy".

    Sorry, this not have much to do with what you was saying

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    its ok i just think its um frustraiting i think thats spelled right...for alot of us that wanna find mommys and daddys or caretakers but its like there all hiding in the big people tree houses

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    I don't have any experience being a Mommy, but I would love to have an AB/LG to take care of =) It's kind of hard when one is a switch like that, because usually a person is either a baby or a guardian, so when you're both it's a bit of a predicament to have both desires satisfied.

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    It’s experience much emotional, when you are taking care of a ABDL Girl, really emotional experience to me, to stay hugged with her, and kiss her forehead, and be kind with her, and give all attention that she needs and deserve… It’s very good protect her, and feeling she feels safe close to me, and that I make her feel safe.

    It’s also very good to me be protected by a “mommy”, knowing that you can be total vulnerable with somebody, that you can be “totally naked”, I mean, you can be totally yourself, when you are with this person, and she loves you anyway, and that this person would not be bad with you, she will take care of you, love you and be kind with you.

    But I am not goanna lie, and say that is total no-sexual experience, because some part it’s, but it’s also a very emotional and experience too.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So sweet!!

    And I here, All By My Self

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    I'm a Daddy to a pretty babygirl. What's your question? I'll try to answer most bestly.

    Unfortunately though, if you're looking for a Daddy for yourself... I don't think you're in the right place.

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    I would suggest popping your head into the IRC chat. People don't exactly run around with a sign saying "DADDY" / "MOMMY". It's a forum open to teens too, so that'd be sort of creepy.

    There's certainly many people who'd lean more towards the caretaker side, but the process is kind of like dating...just because the other person is of your preferred gender doesn't mean they want to be your husband/wife instantly. You need to talk to others and see if you like each other and if your expectations match.


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