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Thread: ordering good diapers!

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    Default ordering good diapers!

    So ive been around here for awhile, but havent really posted, have a few questions.. Im wondering what the best diapers around are - I am 5'5 and around 140llbs. Looking for some that wont leak and are pretty thick . Second, I am wondering if there is a way I can have them shipped to another locations such as a post office or UPS / Fedex store, any help is much appreciated thanks!

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    I think the general consensus of the AB/DL community is that Bambino diapers are the best... I myself have not tried them yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to! Molicare also seems to be very popular, as are Cushies from abuniverse. Those, however, aren't particularly absorbent, or so I've heard. I haven't tried mine yet

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    I personally thought that the Abena M4 and Dry24/7's were the most popular.

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    Both of you seem right. It depends if you're looking for a baby-looking diaper or a very thick and absorbent one. (Yeah, it's difficult to find both :p)

    Cushies and bambino are cute but Abena and Dry 24/7 are much effective to hold pee, but Abena and Dry 24/7 are just plain white (not sure about Abena, I haven't wear them in a while)

    But, those 4 diapers are amongst the best.

    If you're going to buy online, I would recommend you to visit Abuniverse (cushies/superdrykids), Bambinodiapers ( fir the bambinos, obviously) and xpmedical (Dry 24/7, abena), those webistes got the best diaper on the ABDL market, I think =)

    Oh and if the thickness is your priority 1#, go for 24/7, thickest diaper I have ever wore. And if you do, buy them from the drycare website if you buy a case (it's cheaper => 110$ against 118 on xpmedical) or buy them on xpmedical if you buy a package (31$ against 47$ on

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    Quote Originally Posted by koda42 View Post
    If you're going to buy online, I would recommend you to visit Abuniverse (cushies/bambino)
    Don't you have to buy Bambinos from the Bambino website ( I don't see them on ABU...

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    k33zy12: What you choose to purchase, will depend on your size. If you want something to wear for long periods and have no desire to actually use them, Goodnites would serve you well if you have a waist size of 32" or less. They are best when worn under a standard cotton brief. If you are looking for performance, and fully intend to make full use of the capacity, then I would recommend Dry 24/7 or Abena. There are some other brands that are nearly comparable, but I have seen the two brands I listed as being the best performing. Although they are a little expensive, Bambinos have excellent capacity and can also hold up for long periods. I am thinking, those may be your best bet.

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    thanks for the replys! any of you know how to have a package shipped to a ups or other location besides home?

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    bambino bellissimo's are definitely the thickest that i've ever worn. compared with molicares (which has a weird type of plastic and the tapes aren't particularly effective, in my opinion) they're definitely more so. I haven't gotten the opportunity to wear abenas or dry 24/7's as of yet, but it's not for lack of want

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    Quote Originally Posted by k33zy12 View Post
    thanks for the replys! any of you know how to have a package shipped to a ups or other location besides home?
    I would assume a P.O. box? But, unless your family or roommates (if you are living with either) are particularly snoopy and like to go through your mail, most companies will ship discreetly. I recently ordered from ABU, and it was just a brown box with a small shipping label from CHSI. So...unless they open the box (I'm assuming they won't, but sometimes I take my parents' respect of my privacy for granted...I realize some people have VERY snoopy parents) there's no way to tell what's inside. And if they google the acronym, it's just like a health website. It says nothing on the front page about diapers from what I could tell. Now IDK about Bambino, but I'm assuming they ship discreetly, too.

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    So far I've been able to get Abena M4s cheapest on They have free shipping for small orders too, something that xpmedical does not have. And if you register, then you get credit every time you order that you can use towards the next order.

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