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  • Regular baby bottle

    15 42.86%
  • Baby bottle with a modified teat

    6 17.14%
  • Sippy cup

    15 42.86%
  • None of the abone

    6 17.14%
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Thread: What do you drink from?

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    Default What do you drink from?

    It seems that some of us may have a vested interest in reliving our very early childhood by drinking from whatever a baby/toddler drinks from. The thing is, what do you enjoy drinking water/milk/etc. from?

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    I have a nuk adult teat, it's great but I really want a sippy cup with a silicone spout! If you have mittens on it so much fun trying to hold the bottle and feed yourself!

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    I have 2 AVENT bottles and a winnie the pooh bottle and a sippy cup tomee tippee. Although mainly use bottles

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    Sippy cup or regular bottle, depending on my mood. I've thought about getting a modified teat, though, but I don't think it would fit my current bottle. I'd need to get another bottle.

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    My Gumdrop bottle with a medium flow teat works quite amazingly for me (unmodified). I can drink with minimal effort and feels very natural. I wish they made bigger pacis too

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    I got a bottle but I perfer the playtex insulator sippy cups I have. Though when I drink water outside of bed I'll still opt for a 20+ oz glass.

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    I am fond of Winnie the pooh. And I have the bottle from Nuk (, and I want the sissy cup that match it =)
    (probably going to buy it on

    I usually drink water, tea and lemonade out of it.

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    I have a pink and clear bottle that I drink from with a modified teat, and I usually put juice in it but if not that I'll put water in it.

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    I purchased a custom adult baby bottle with a larger holding capacity with an adult sized teat. It sure makes you feel babyish holding a big bottle in your hands rather than an ordinary sized baby bottle!

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    A very special sippy cup that my daddy bought me at the aquarium when we last visited. It's my favorite color (purple) and has all my favorite sea critters on it. :3

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