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Thread: Caught between bambino sizes

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    Default Caught between bambino sizes

    So Im gonna order some more bambinos today but i dont know whether to get larges or X-large.

    The reason why is because:

    • Perfect fit
    • Easy to hide for those diapered days out
    • Rises up to my lower abdomen and very low back

    • Fit slightly bigger (tapes closer together)
    • rises up to my mid abdomen & lower back
    • much thicker than the large
    • not so discreet due to its size and length

    So needless to say they both fit me good with the exception that the XL is simply thicker and covers more surface area. But my dilemma is whether I want a perfect fit, or to have nice big thick diaper to feel more babyish...

    Someone help me make a decision T_T lol

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    How often do you wear in public? If you wear a lot, then large seems like a good call. If you mostly stay in your room, then x-large is the way to go.

    Have you noticed a difference in wetting performance between the two sizes? Maybe that could also be a factor in your decision?

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