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Thread: Tricks for leaking while lying.

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    Default Tricks for leaking while lying.

    Iím sorry if this subject has been beaten to death with a stick, but leaking is a very huge pet peeve of mine. Not to mention the barrier of being taught not to wet the bed; making it hard to go if Iím lying down. I want to be able to wet while lying down, without having to worry about leaking. I used to wear plastic pants, but I find them to be rather humid and they tend to bite into my thighs when Iím in motion (i.e. rolling over). Iíve been told to make sure to buy diapers in my appropriate size because large diapers, no matter how tight they are tend to leave gaps in the gatherings under the legs. Iíve actually have worn medium and large diapers, no matter how I put them on, if I wet while laying down, I ether leak from the top waist or bottom gathers. Of course, my biggest problem is, diapers are a huge turn on for me too, so there is no ďpointing downĒ if you get my drift. It seems as though the only time I donít leak is if I wear two diapers at once, which, Iíve thought about just buying a cheap store brand as a doubler, but it just seems like a waste of money. Thereís got to be an easier way to wet a diaper without a care in the world when youíre lying down.

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    Make sure you aren't flooding your diapers while lying down. It takes a few seconds for the diaper to start absorbing the liquid and if you put too much in at once, you can be certain of some leakage.

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    One thing that seems to be a problem, at least with the disposables I've tried, is that--especially if diapers are a turn on for you--the diaper doesn't go up far enough. It's like they need to go past your belly button. I've problems leaking through the top a couple of times.

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    Thank you both for the information given. I will give putting the front side up a little farther a try for sure. As for not flooding the diapers; it’s a simple idea that will work, but I’m the type that seem to only really feel it when it’s time to REALLY go. I’ve tried slowing the flow or stopping midstream, but sometimes it hurts to do so depending on how bad I need to go. I remember reading once, someone said as far as the “turn on” is concerned, to just “take care” of yourself before you diaper. I have found that works at first, but if they are sexually sewn into your AB personality, that makes it tough lol. I wonder if you took an insert and curve it over the penis, within the diaper, would it work? Guess there’s only one way to find out.

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    Pro Tip: Lay on your back, with your torso slightly elevated(5-10 Degrees), even if you're pointed upward(Assuming you're not flooding), you'll have it trickle down towards the back.

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    Now that sounds interesting, I will give that one a try most definitely. I could imagine that being ideal in a hospital bed too, but I’m not trying to find that out no time soon, if ever lol! Thanks Eulogy!

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    Can you get Bambinos? I find they don't leak if I flood laying down.

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    I've had Bambinos in the past. Never tried wetting them while lying down though. I will give that a try as soon as I can. Thanks

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    Just relax an focus on peeing like you are on a toilet.

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    Here a turn on for me too
    All you do is try not to be hard before the diapering then if it's a pull up point down and pull up
    And You'll stay down

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