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Thread: Name and availability of a certain diaper.

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    Default Name and availability of a certain diaper.

    In the late 90s, I used to know a friend from the Netherlands who could acquirer an extremely thick diaper. I want to say that he called it “asorbins” (sp), but for the life of me, I cannot find them on Internet anywhere. Its plan white, has four tapes and it was as thick if not thicker than the bellissimo diapers. Of course at that time, I was about 140lbs, so it felt like a pillow between my legs. Anyone ever hear of it?

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    I've found these website too and I almost got excited at one point. Problem is, with how plain I remember this diaper to be and of course there's no way to really see how thick it is in the picture; honestly I could be looking at a depends and wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I figured it was a long shot and for all I know, this could be it. At least the Bellissimo is very close to it and it looks like a real baby's diaper. Thank you for giving it a try tiny

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    As a Dutchie I have some more insight in the availabilty of our incontinence produts Absorin still exists but the diaper you mentioned is problably facelifted many times, so I doubt it's still available. The thickest of the Absorin range is now the Absorin slip orange, from what I recall they were quite thick, for me even too thick to wear comfortable during the night. The color is hideous with an orange cloth like outer cover, they are unfortunately not covered in plastic anymore. I know Save ( see post of tiny) has them in stock.

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    Thank you for the heads up, bedwett. It really sucks that you cannot obtain those diapers any longer. I’m usually the type that isn’t bothered by color, as I’d just wear something over the diaper like I have done with the purple Molicare and blue Attends. Although a lot of diapers today are taking that non-plastic look, I can’t sacrifice both color and texture. Personally, I’d love it if cloth diapers did anything for me, but I’m an early 80s baby, so I’m bias to the white in color and ridiculously (waddle like a duck, pillow between your legs) thick diapers LOL!

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