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Thread: Underpad Reccomendations?

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    Default Underpad Reccomendations?

    In a little while I will be able to get some diapers again when I go back to college. However, the last time there was a leaking problem in bed the last time I did it. I want to use underpads to control the issue, but I don't know what kind is best.

    Chux. Blue Pads SALE Disposable Underpad.

    Here is a link to a site with well-priced pads. I need a pad that will be absorbant and cheap. Does anyone have any advice on what to get?

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    I use the cheapo Night Preserver bed pads from XP Medical.

    You get 100 of them for 66 bucks, which isn't too bad. Considering how many times they saved my bed, they're already worth their weight in gold.

    The thing is, if you move around a lot, they'll bunch up, and you always seem to leak right where the mat isn't anymore... I found that if you put 2 of them under your bed's stretchy sheet, they tend to not move. Although at that point, you would soak one sheet, it's better than your mattress.

    I just use about 3 to 4 at once (including the ones under the sheet) , and that is usually impenetrable. I tried sleeping without a diaper once, and ended up in a lake... The bed, however, was dry thanks to proper mat placement... Kinda realized I really am a night wetter, and not diaper trained...

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    I just started using the new Goodnites bed pads. They are great cuz they have a peel n stick feature that keeps them in place all nite. Im finding that if I dont leak, I can get at least 2 nites sometimes three out of each one.

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