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Thread: Do you use a potty?

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    Default Do you use a potty?

    Potties were a big part of my young life and have been a recurring theme in different ways. I guess we all were used to using them as very young children and I won't describe my experiences here. Later my parents always made sure there was one in my room. This was made of anodised aluminium and very cold to the bum when you sat on it. There was also one strategically placed outside the bathroom door in case I was caught short when someone else was in there. This was usually my old baby potty made of plastic.

    I can recall mum noticing a wet spot on my pants and pulling my shorts down while she held the pot in front of me to catch the wee. Later if I had an accident I was often hold just to leave my wet underwear in the potty to be dealt with later.

    Because the bathroom was accessed through another bedroom my parents had a big china pot in their room. I have seen mum sit on this and dad stand holding it in front of him to take a leak.

    I know for a fact the whole family did the "other thing" in the potty when they needed to go urgently. There was never any toilet paper and Dad explained that as it was only to be pooed in as an emergency I should just go and pull my underwear up. There was never any problem about having clean briefs in the morning.

    Once when staying with relatives my mum asked an aunt to provide me with a potty. I had to get clean pants in the night and left the dirty ones in the potty as usual. Early in the morning dad came into my room. I pretended to be asleep and watched him use the potty. i turned over and he said "I didn't want to disturb you but I was dying to go and mum would kill me if I filled my pants."

    I can't remember how old I was when mum would have a potty in a plastic bag when we went out by bus. I can recall being made to use it and mum emptying it in the bushes at the side of the road at the next stop.

    When our kids were young we had a house where the bathroom was separate to the toilet. We kept a potty in the bathroom for emergency use. We only realised how often it was used when we decided the kids were old enough to manage without it and my wife said it had been "very useful as she couldn't pee in the sink like she knew I did".

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    Reminds me of an old joke. The canopy isn't something OVER the bed, the can'o'pee is UNDER the bed.

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    And the nut is pronounced "pe-kahn." A "peecan" is something u keep in the car so you don't have to stop so often!

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    Yeah I had a couple of pottys as a kid. One was a plastic orange one, and one was one of those white and black enamel ones with a flower on it.

    I don't use a potty now, but I've definitely thought about it.

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    I'm the oldest of five boys and when I was in the first grade, Alex and Daryll were both just barely mastering potty training. So there was always a potty in the bathroom. Once when one of my brothers were using the big toilet, I had to poop and I squatted down on the potty and let it go. My parents weren't too pleased but they didn't make a huge fuss about it.

    When I was twelve I was living with my mother. And when she worked nights, I stayed at my aunt's house and her son was also potty training. I slept on the couch in the livingroom and one night his potty was in there and I didn't feel like walking all the way upstairs just to use the bathroom. I think it might have been a school night and I needed every second of sleep. Anyway, I lowered my pants and knelt down on my knees and let loose.

    No one said anything to me, so I guess my aunt assumed my cousin did the honors.

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    As a very small boy in the late 1960s, I was often left with my Grandmother as mum worked in a shop most days. My Grandmother’s potty was plastic and light blue in colour, so one might think of it as made with boys in mind. Indeed it was fine until I needed to sit on it. I could never get comfortable upon it enough to use it and this sometimes led to bouts of constipation.

    I can still remember it. It had this piece of plastic that came straight up from the rim and ran around a small section of the edge. I was always sat with a leg either side of this tongue like plastic piece. The edge of this tongue was sharp and used to cut into the insides of my thighs. The entire arrangement was particularly uncomfortable for boys. I have never seen anything quite like it before or since.

    Eventually My Grandmother got another potty. I think it was yellow or beige and with a smooth rim all the way around. I remember sitting on this, while reading a comic, on the bath mat under the bathroom light that was also a heater. These times of contemplation were most enjoyable.

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    I remember my potty chair when I was young. It had a tray and it was shaped like a chair. Now these days, they don't have trays. I had no idea the tray was to keep the child on. I just thought it was for the child to have a snack or something. Kids were actually held down back in the days and the tray just made it easier. I also recall the older ones had straps to hold the child down. My husband finds it abuse to tie the child on the potty. Maybe it is now but back in the days it wasn't. I was never tied down and I don't know if my parents ever used the tray.

    Potty training has changed over the years and now they are saying to not rush it nor force the child on it and hold them down.

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    I had a potty chair when I was little and my mom would bring it with us when we went to visit relatives. I remember her making me use it with everyone else in the room because she didn't want to take me out to the back porch... she was in the middle of a conversation. I hated that.

    But I loved that potty chair. I'd love to have an adult sized plastic one. I have no interest in the wooden ones I've seen, they look uncomfortable.

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    Back in the 40's thats all we had was the wooden ones. You could pull out the enameled pot and pee in it. If you didn't have indoor plumbing you might have

    used it until you were big enough to crawl upon the two holer. You just hoped you didn't fallin. Some didn't have a seat for little ones.

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    The spare bedroom at my grandmother's house was on a different floor from the only bathroom, so she kept a potty there in case I or any of my cousins needed it when we stayed. I carried on using for many years, even once I was easily old enough to go downstairs to the toilet.

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