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Thread: Emotional attachments... something I was wondering

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    Default Emotional attachments... something I was wondering

    Lately I have realized how emotionally attached I am to my blankie and my stuffed killer whale and I was wondering if anyone else felt that way about THEIR blankie or stuffed animals. I just have noticed it as of late since I have been laying on the couch with my blankie while watching TV with it and sucking my thumb.

    I wonder- if anyone else ever feels that way about their blankie or stuffed animal that they sleep with on a rebular basis.


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    Yes i am. I am very emotional attach to my pikachu plushy. I cannot sleep whiout him in my arms.

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    Same here. I am very attached to my 28" long husky plushie. I love snuggling with him both because he was given to me by my boyfriend and because he is the perfect size for snuggles. I have to keep him under an arm at all times while I sleep or I don't sleep well.

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    I have had my blankie since I was two, and will continue to cuddle it in my sleep until it turns to piles of strings. This is the one baby thing my parents know about ^^

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    I've slept with my Funshine Bear pillow buddy since 2003. Before that, every night I slept with a green dinosaur pillow buddy for years. I am most definitely attached to my Funshine Bear. It is actually now very worn out and I can see the tummy is very soon going to fall apart. My Daddy bought me a red puppy pillow buddy for christmas since Funshine Bear won't last much longer.

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    Hm, I've never really had something that I was super attached to. I've slept with stuffed animals, sure, but none that I absolutely sleep without.

    Right now, the object I'm probably most attached to is my paci. Never thought I could get used to the thing when I first tried it, but there you go. It's in the car now, and I'm lying in my bed in the basement, and am seriously contemplating actually going all the way up and outside to go get it. >.<

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    I would be upset if I couldn't have my teddy bear. I sleep with him every night, and he feels much the same way. I also sleep with three other plushies, though my plushie puppy is next in line. Don't tell the others however. They get kind of vengeful.

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    there is no way i can sleep without my pikachu by my side just knowing he's there helps me sleep alot better

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    I have come accustomed to holding something in my arms while I sleep, I literally can't sleep without my plushi

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    Well i have a blankie that i have since i was a baby and i still have it and sleep with it although it's small for me now and have some holes in it. still i can't go to sleep without it

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