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Thread: Im screwed!!! Need help Now!!!!

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    Default Im screwed!!! Need help Now!!!!

    Im screwed, Im screwed, Im screwed.

    Okay maybe Im getting ahead of myself but Im scared and I need to get this off my chest or else I might explode.

    Maybe it would be better to start at the beginning.

    Im not exactly use to doing something like this and my mind is a bit scrambled right now. so ill try to explain as best I can.

    As some of you on this board may know Im currently a kid in japan currently attending a highscool and working as a manga assistant on a school/work visa, and in the process of receiving my permanent citizenship. because of my fathers heritage I may be able to stay permanently. now on to the problem. A couple of months ago many of you may have read on this board a couple of months ago that I had started a relationship with my host brother. it was abit akward at first with me being bi and having mixed feelings about it, but I grew to except it. He knew about my diapers (mostly because he wore them for bedwetting) and me being a tb long before we started going out. now the problem actually started last night. Recently we've been snuggling at night when everones asleep, but when I wake up I see him asleep arm around me and his mother staring at us and then quickly closes the door. and to ad insult to injury I had my pacifier in my mouth. What should do freaking out here please help.


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    I'd say let him know when he wakes up, and just forget it happened unless they bring it up.

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    Let me see if I understood, you are an student, that are in japan, in an exchange student, I suppose. So you are living with a Japanese family and etc..

    Then you started a relation with the son of the family that you are living, then the mother of the guy, it’s kind discover that her son and you are making out, and also that you use a pacifier..

    Man, I costume to say something: There are some some situations at the life, that the better thing that everybody involving it could do, it’s just pretending that never happened. And your situation is one of that.

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    Try to regain your composure...tell the boy you're with about what happened...stay respectful to the family...just be cool. Good luck!
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    crap! I thought i forgot to mention something.
    When my exchange program had expired i had got a job as an assistant so i was able to get my visa changed to a school/work related one and i also managed to convince the school and state to allow me to stay under the condition that I stay out of trouble. Now my host mother agreed to let me stay as long as i hlp around the house, etc. and don't cause any problems. but the reason im scared is because she might kick me out or ask me about everything.

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    As far as homosexuality goes, in Japan it's generally viewed as OK, but... If I was the mom and you were sleeping with my son/ daughter I might be pretty weirded out. Japanese people are pretty non confrontational though so you might be safe

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    I think all you can do is take this a day at a time and see what happens. Weigh your options, and if there aren't any, prepare yourself for some sense of accepting the consequences. How close are you to this other boy? Can you work on Manga in the states? Is there someone else in Japan who would sponsor you? Could your parents help, especially if your father is a citizen? Don't panic and don't give up. The worst has not happened yet and as someone wisely said, Japanese women are known for being non confrontational. If all else fails, open up channels of communication. If you love her son and he loves you, maybe they would be accepting to that.

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