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Thread: Aparently I'm a Lurker

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    Lightbulb Aparently I'm a Lurker

    First email in my box today was, 'you have become a lurker'. Well I decided that I couldn't let that be, and shot strait over here to start a intro thread. Let me see....intro, intro...
    Well I recently graduated. I am a rather skinny stereotypical gamer guy without a social life. Recently moved across country (USA). I am a big fan of RTS and Turn Based games, such as Fire Emblem and the Total War series. Skyrim, Diablo, Etc. Recently I've found I am very good at woodworking, please no 'junk' jokes. I just got done refinishing a kitchen table. I enjoy my indoor plants, the sun is poison to my kind. I'm a cat person. I joined at first to gain access to the search engine and see if I could scout out some good stories. I quickly found that the community here is very alive and quite diverse, and not as creepy as I first thought. Please remember, my first few years into this hobby was marred by Deeker. It's the first site that showed up on google. I am mainly interested in reading and writing stories, but I do enjoy conversation and the occasional debate. I would like to take the time to separate debate and flaming; Debate is when two people or groups respectfully exchange thoughts on a topic with an open mind and the occasional hat-tip. Flaming is unintelligent nonsense ALLCAPSRAGE.
    That's me in a nutshell.
    Feel free to comment, ask any questions, or pursue conversation otherwise. The worst that can happen is me politely declining to respond.

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    Glad to see another who is interested in woodworking, My grandfather got me into woodworking and photography after spending over 30 years in woodworking and 50 years in photog, and still going strong.

    As far as D****r goes, by my use of asterisks you can probably get my views toward him - and I think that this is one of those topics where it's safe to say that a large portion of the community isn't too fond of him, or his site. People here are pretty decent people, got a few of my closest friends in the IRC, and I have yet to find a bad thing to say about most of the members that I've interacted with.

    Nice to have you around the site, ReaperD7, hope you enjoy it.

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    How did D****r get so many people? Seems like everybody got messed up by him. I don't even remember the site being that big.

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    It was the first page that pulled up. I think it's like someone saying 'don't push that button' where the button is deeker and the someone being the community. While everyone on this forum doesn't like deeker, It's a hard find to find someone that hasn't been to the site in the first place.
    That being said, and changing the subject, Teslacoil just out of curiosity, why did you pick your username? I am just wondering because Tesla is by far my favorite scientist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaperD7 View Post
    Teslacoil just out of curiosity, why did you pick your username? I am just wondering because Tesla is by far my favorite scientist.
    Yay, we got yet another Tesla fan

    I chose it because at the time I made an account on another site for an e-mail, I was making my first tesla coil, and all the other names were taken, and the first thing that popped into my mind was add onto it, so I thought, next thing that popped into my mind was 1N4148, a high-speed switching diode, so I chopped off the 1N and used the 4148 in the username, felt that it flowed nicely and was easy to remember. Later on I decided I didn't want my RL accounts (using my old username) to be linked to any *B/DL accounts, so I changed it to this Teslacoil4148, since I already had an email address speciffically for *B/DL stuff in that name.
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    Welcome ReaperD7. I too am another wood worker/finisher. A lot of our furniture, especially book shelves come from our our local unfinished furniture store. I was able to get well constructed solid wood at an affordable price. I was also able to finish the various pieces stained in walnut shades to match other furniture which we have. I've also built furniture, mostly cargo style. It was fun at the time.

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    I used to have a separate username for this portion of my life as well, but then it all just got jumbled up and mixed together.

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