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Thread: Burning Man?

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    Default Burning Man?

    Is anyone going to Burning Man?

    Apparently at some previous Burning Man there was an age-play camp AdultSupervision ( Burning Man Earth : 2009 - Adult SuperVision ) but that email address is now broken.

    Anyone know of any other interesting came at burning man?


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    I've always wanted to experience Burning Man, but it's a long long trip for me.

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    Well damn...that makes me want to go to Burning Man...

    But no, I've never been, and probably never will. =/ Too far.

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    You have peeked my interest! What exactly it this? You say they have age play and I even read that diapers will be available! I am curious about this. I probably will never get to go but I would like to know more.

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    Well I found the new site for burning man... haven't look yet if they still have it.

    I don't think they are having it.. from my understanding of the site, you can create a villiage of your own in the theme camps... I will look though.

    Also they are still working on getting the theme camps together this year.

    I looked and they are not having it this year but keep checking back maybe the person who held it in 2009 might have it this year.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here is the list of theme camps for this year so far and I have emailed them too, so see if they will have it this year.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well the email no longer exists!

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    Unbelievable.. I was there that year camping at 7:30 and Chaos (Medusa), no more than a few hundred feet from Adult Supervision. It seems impossible I'd have missed this. I don't believe it was actually an AB/DL camp, but I could be wrong. BM is certainly a place where you could spend the whole week running around in a onesie (preferably a glow in the dark one), diaper (ditto on the glow in the dark attribute), and enjoying your favorite pacifier (preferably with flashy leds installed), all without getting a second look from anyone. It does however get extremely hot during the day making it not ideal for wearing a thick diaper.

    All this being said.. I definitely did not notice anyone (including myself) wearing diapers, or AB-clothing, in 2009.

    Although, with were more than 45,000 free-thinking people there, it's extremely unlikely that I was the only AB/DL.
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