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    My mother has just finished yelling at me for how lazy I am, which she does a lot! it's really starting to piss me off, yesterday, i accidently pegged her in the eye with a flat screw. an accident, for which she yelled at me at. I couldnt take it, i snapped, i left that room in rage after she told me to get the fuck out. she forced me to go back and hand her my phone. I didnt see her the rest of the night. and now today, she yelled at me for the same reason, and i started crying, i couldnt take no more. She told me to go away, she didnt wanna see me. I feel so unloved now, like everything to her is me doing work. I have a job, and i keep a good relationship with my friends. I dont know how she can just look at me like that... It makes me feel like i wanna just leave this house never to return or just end it all, i know it's not good too >.> I dont see a way around this... I really need help...

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    Hang in there until you finish high school, then find a way to move out.

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    Well i think my suggestion is hanging there. Life is a B***h. But seriously your mother is maybe angry for a while. I mean is she dare to kick you from house just for small accident

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    Do you have friends that you could stay with to get away, even for just a night?

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    Not to downplay the seriousness of the issue to you or what you are feeling, but what you described sounds like the average fight me and my dad had a couple weeks ago, and over similar reasons ( I goof up, or did no do something apparently I needed to do).

    You have to realize people say things they really shouldn't say when emotions run really high. It's best to let them cool off for a period of time and come to their senses. Even you. When my dad get's steamed about something or yells at me about something that's inconsequential, I keep this in my mind "Agree with whatever he says, keep your cool, and let it go." He ends up feeling like an idiot next day usually. I'll do whatever the hell it was and go for a drive afterward. I don't usually sweat it, cause it's a molehill in my book nowadays.

    My dad can piss me off in ways like that, but when it boils down to it, I'm his son. I'm sure it's the way with your mom.

    So take a breather, is all I can really say. If it's a fight, well folks and their kids fight. If it's an unusual amount of fighting and significantly impacts your life (long time depression for example) then get some help. If not, ya know stand up for yourself in a mature way and just let it go after.

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    My guess is that your mom is going through something, maybe change of life. Keep a low profile for a while and try to stay out of her way. Ultimately, you are loved. Parents aren't perfect. Hang in there and remember you have friends here who care. We're always available to talk to. So many parts of life suck, and as you get older you will change one bad moment for another. Stay strong and hang in there. Life has its good parts as well. You have to wait for those, but they do come.

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    Like I always say, you have friends everywhere. Hang in there. Like everyone else says, this is very temporary. A lot of us, if not all of us, have been guilty at some time saying something indicating we don't love someone when we most certainly do. When we say "I hate you" to someone we love, we aren't sinning because we hate that person at that time, we are sinning because we are lying just to hurt someone even if we actually thought we meant it at the time.

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    Thanks everyone, i really hadn't checked these messages since i posted, but that was the answer, just hanging in there. I seem to have neutralized it all myself (which was pretty darn hard >.>), this made me learn that well, i just gotta keep my calm. My mother already does mock me for watching my little pony, but i still love her. This was just my kinda first yell back to my mother I ever had, I may have over reacted a teeny bit. Just probably due to the fact im growing older and getting more independent and that I never experienced this at this level. Again, thanks all ^-^

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