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    I have just come back from a few days vacation where we stayed in a lodge and had a great time. I was worried about the bed and took a good supply of diapers and disposable bed pads and was very,very careful not to leak on the mattress or duvet.

    I wasn't neurotic to the point of it spoiling the break, but I was far more careful than I would have been at home.

    On leaving we were asked to strip the beds and with a sense of slight pride in my achievement I took off the still spotless sheet and then the equally pristine duvet cover - only to reveal a big pee stain in the centre of the duvet that definitely wasn't of my making.

    Maybe i worry too much!

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    When I first had to start wearing 24/7 I worried so much about leaking that I wouldn't stay overnight anywhere. After a long while, I decided it wasn't going to change my quaility of life so much that I can't go out and enjoy myself, to I quit stressing out about it. I at first was like you and put down two or three bed pads and such but since I found that I can use one at home along with a good diaper and not worry about getting my bed wet, then why do over kill when I am away? So now, I just put down one bed pad and put on my diaper and hop in bed no matter where I stay.

    On the note about keeping the bed dry and finding that it is stained and not by you is always a great feeling. It's just another thing to show that we take care and pride in the fact that we don't want others having to deal with our wetting problems.

    Stop the worry and enjoy your time away from home.

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    No, it was nice that you were thoughtful. Other people are pigs and don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checkingoutall View Post
    On the note about keeping the bed dry and finding that it is stained and not by you is always a great feeling.
    It would make me feel a little smug for sure, but I'd hate to stay in an hotel and find someone-else's pee-stained sheets on the bed. Ugh.That would be a complaint to the manager right there.

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    Almost the same thing happened to a colleague at a conference hotel that had previously been occupied by a group of students - the sheets were clean but after laying down she became aware of rising damp from the mattress and was given a refund and a fresh room.

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    I am guilty of leaking in bed when I was on my honeymoon with my husband. My husband had the same problem too. But they are washable but they aren't allowed to wash urine sheets with other sheets and have to do it separately. They soak them first and then wash them. I have worked at hotels so i know these things and it was always a pain to deal with pee sheets because they had to be put in a special bag to separate it from the rest so you soak them. Blood, it be worse. I wonder if you can ask for a rubber sheet but I think I would rather use underpads from now on to protect the bed so it makes it less work for them. I didn't think of that before.

    I guess some hotels do use stained sheets but more of the expensive ones do not. We were always tossing out sheets when they get too thin or have a stain on them that won't come out. But at the new hotel I worked at, we didn't wash sheets and towels, we shipped them off for that and then they ship them back. Every hotel is different and I guess cheaper ones would use stained sheets.

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    When we stay in hotels or friends houses or whatever, I carry a dollar store plastic sheet for the mattress. Bad thing is, as anyone IC and bedwets knows is that while you try to protect the mattress, the sheets can get nailed too. Hiding it is almost impossible. Sheets are easier to clean than a mattress tho - but I can't say that I have an issue with sleeping on a stained mattress (a wet or stinky one is different matter) outside home. I just can't feel justified in thinking pee-stain = immediate replacement, the cost would just be crazy and everyone else would have to suffer the consequences by paying higher prices. I sleep on a mattress at home that has had more than it's fair share of getting soaked and with a pad, fitted sheet over it - no one can tell

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