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    Well this is more feminine incontinence (vaginal wetness) but this is a supportive place and this is embarrassing.

    I sometimes suffer from this and after this will definitely wear protection. I got up from a meeting with about 12 coworkers and had a quarter-sized wet spot, very visible on my baggy khakis! I had lost a little weight. Anyway I think everyone saw, especially the three people behind me!

    I got out as fast as possible but I think my coworkers will be as mortified as me and avoiding me....thankfully this is a Friday. I hid the rest of the day. I don't know what I'm going to do Monday! I think it is hilarious and just life but I don't know if other people think so. Also I have a crush on a guy at work and he will know probably what's up if he hears. Auuuggghhh!

    What do I do? Oh well. I appreciate you sharing your stories and I use them for perspective and to feel more compassion. Thank you for listening and sharing!

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    What would I do?

    I would probably go online and freak out a lot to my friends, lol.

    IRL I would just let it go. Or at least try my best to. Just don't bring it up, and if someone else does, just shrug it off.

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    I will do that. Thank you so much! I am so mortified.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Will he now be too embarrassed to date me? Ok, I will let it go!
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    I had to re-assure my wife in a similar situation and have had parallel male wet spots to cope with myself - the problem gets bigger the more you think about it. Most of us have seen others in a similar situation and the reaction is usually "Thank God it's not me" and as no one has been totally continent all their adult life there is probably more sympathy around than you realise!

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    I feel like dayannight, that we make it worse our self. Personally if you don't bring it up, I doubt that anyone one else will. If they do, and make fun about it, then they are just immature and I would say that to them too and then say, I hope this doesn't ever happen to you so you wouldn't have to get belittled like you are trying to do to me. That will make them stop and think and it will show you are strong enough to stand against immaturity too.

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    "damn that glue/fat/butter/oil spot on my pants!!!"
    something to play with for 'playing down' the issue and as to what may have gone through people's minds at the time (not everyone will automatically assume it's bodily fluid).

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    Hey Morti? I was just curious if you noticed any reaction by now. I'm guessing no. I say this because it's happened to me on more than a few occasions where I would have a double spot or even a double-moon diaper leak. I mean, the double-moon is pretty much a dead give-away since it makes a swollen diaper a little more obvious. I rarely have had any problems or people bring it up. In fact the majority of those that ever said anything were the ones that already knew I wear

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    Besides possibly seeking medical help and as it does not seem too severe you might want to consider wearing either a pad or a pullup for some added protection.

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    Talk about horror stories,

    I was getting fuel for my car when all of a sudden I just wet my pants. I was wearing light grey khakis and some black work out shorts under as they were a bit large, well the shorts hid some of the damage so it looked like I spilled something down my legs before I got out of the car. I was lucky enough that it was late at night and there were very few people that were even remotely paying attention, but I was still mortified about what happened.

    That was one of the first signs that I was starting to have issues with IC and there have been several others that have happened since then. The good thing is people usually don't immediately assume someone had an accident unless they witness the person having the accident.

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