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Thread: Did you feel loved when you age-play?

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    Default Did you feel loved when you age-play?

    I am not the kind ďhappy one", you know? I feel many that I am not good in nothing, and that nobody loves me, but when I ageplay, I kind feel happy, itís hard to explain, but see:

    Everybody loves a baby, a baby donít need to care about the frustrations of adult life, a baby donít need care with anything, everybody hugs and give love to a baby. And I felt then when I pretend be a baby, peoples will love me as they would love a baby.

    Anyway, I just wondering if anyone else feel like this? Not saying that itís completely no-sexual the age-play, this turn me on. But I also can feel happy and loved.

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    I suppose I do... when I regress and I am sucking my paci and cuddling my dolly (which is how I regress for now) then I feel safe secure and very content, sometimes I am too content and want to fall asleep!

    I understand totally what you mean... it's not sexual for me at all... I have been this way all my life but yes I do feel loved and safe and happy when I regress!

    I am happy to hear you feel loved and you can feel that way... I love you and I don't even know you!! LOL! Of course I try to love everybody!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drwho View Post
    Thanks, you a very kind person
    You are Very Very Welcome!!

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    am i too late for the hugs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnBabygurl View Post
    I love you and I don't even know you!! LOL! Of course I try to love everybody!
    We all love you too, AnnBaby. You are like everyone's baby sister.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddybear206 View Post
    am i too late for the hugs?

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    No, because I don't have anyone to ageplay with =(((

    But I get what you mean. I guess I feel like I am more likely to be loved in my regressed state? Sort of? But it's more like, I really want to feel safe and loved, but while I do feel really content, I also feel pretty lonely for the aforementioned reason. If that makes sense.

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    My little is very delicate. I have started crying every time I have been there. I dont feel "safe" per se. On edge if anything. Now Tygon...

    His little is 1000% more open and willing to run around and have fun than his adult side. A change I chalk up to his ability to feel the love I have for him in a way his adult side wont let him.

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    I never thought about it that way. I definitely am in a happy state when I'm regressing, and feel that sense of comfort and belonging. Though I'm usually with my wife, I feel the same way if home alone. The thing is, I am loved in life, so I don't suppose it's a large factor if diaper centered.

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