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    So I was just curious what age you guys were potty trained. I always thought I was potty trained at just 2 but I was looking at some family photos today and saw me in diapers around at least my 3rd birthday. There were some pictures of a party where I was in diapers and younger kids (at least they looked so) weren't. I guess I didn't realize I was Potty trained later.

    Feel free to post your experiences.

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    late trainer wet pants off and on till hight school

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    I think i'm potty trained around 2 years old. I wondering if my early potty training is connected to DL?

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    According to my dad, 18 months.
    But surprisingly I have a diaper memory from my crib days

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    Eh I was one of the late one's too. From what I've gathered, it was almost till I was 3. Then from what I remember, one day that was it and in less than a couple weeks was trained with no issues after that. Never was a bed wetter nor had accidents.

    I've often wondered, because my two younger siblings were trained later as well, was a contributing factor to my AB/DLism for both being in them and around them for an extended period of time. Hm.
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    hmm well i was potttied trainned at two but im still having accidents today so i dont know how that is being pottied trainned

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    I am a late potty trainer. Wasn't trained until 4 years old. My mom said, "Big boys don't wear diapers to school." I was potty trained in like two weeks, both night and day I think.

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    I went "pee pee" every time from the first day, and every day (except when I'm home alone with diaper/training pants). I have had stomach problems my whole life, and was finally properly diagnosed at age 10. Every month, my stomach will go crazy (that's enough for the details.) This stomach issue is actually why I regressed to diapers, because I felt ashamed of my uncontrollable stomach. But to answer the question on the post, it depends what you call: "Fully Potty Trained."

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