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Thread: How I deal...

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    Lightbulb How I deal...

    There are many ways I can deal with my diaper fetish but I can't wear them as long as I live with my paraents. So i found a way to keep my mind off of it (some times). I play alot of an online game called RuneScape. Thats how I keep my mind off of diapers during the day time plus the game is really fun too.

    Here the question I got for you guys. How do you deal with your diaper fetish during the day?

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    Working definitely helps to keep my mind off of diapers during the summer when I'm with my parents. When I'm not working I find hanging out with friends and playing video games are the best distractions. I recently discovered the MMO Realm of the Mad God, eats away a lot of my time, great way to keep your mind off of diapers.

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    Well RuneScape is a MMORPG type of game. At least it keeps my mind off of Diapers.

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    I lived with my family for a long time. I have diapers. I just know where to store them. I use to played Runescape but switch to Lord of the Rings Online 5 years ago. Now it Free to play. You can earn Points to buy upgrades.

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    Simple Reading,Watching,Playing and also the most important of all is don't use internet

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    I could never find anything to keep my mind off wearing diapers, and i tried all sorts of things.

    But a few months ago, I got a new idea, and gave it a shot.

    I know this sounds ironic, but the solution for me was to just wear diapers all the time. Now, I don't crave diapers all day long. I live with my parents too, it really isn't too hard to keep a secret from people...

    Now that i wear all the time, I feel much better about myself. I am depended on at work, because i get stuff done. I am generally happier.

    Funny how such a silly thing like wearing diapers can make you feel so good, and even have a positive impact on your life.

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    Just watch some youtube! It always works (But don't watch diaper videos... I'm sure that doesn't work)

    But be warned for the weird part of youtube.

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    i just put on my headset start listening to music and let my mind wander off
    or il just play some games :P usually mmorpg or some shooters like tribes ascend its fast paced and i like it :>
    or you could try c9 (continenth of the 9th seal) its in open beta now :>

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