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Thread: How you discover your ABDL side?

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    Default How you discover your ABDL side?

    Well, I discovery my ABDL/Caretaker side, because other fetish my, I was looking some stories about body swap stories, mind transfer , possession, etc.. (Yes I have this others fetishes too).

    And I ending find some stories about ABDL, I guess that the first one was a story called “The Baby Hotel” about a woman that go to a hotel, where they regressed mentally her until the age of 12 mouths, and then she is adopted by a woman that is more younger than her, and treats her like a real baby, and this really turned me on.

    And, you know, that was the beginning, I discover that adult baby girls turned me on, I mean is so cute, a ABDL girl (For the ones that like good stories involving abdl girls their “daddys”, I would recommend Zorro Daddy stories, the guy it’s a amazing writer), and I also discover that I had my side “sissy/adult baby”. This was about the beginning of last year.

    Abdl-Girls: Is or is not a cute thing?
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    I am not sure how I discovered mine. I have liked diapers since I was nine years old and I thought me liking baby stuff like strollers and high chairs and cribs, I was the only one. Does that count as a discovery if it came to me one day that I wanted to wear diapers and wish I could be a baby again?

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    I don't know if it was so much that i discovered my ab/dl side, as much as i discovered what it was. As for how it happened, I don't know exactly, but somehow I ended up doing a google search that involved diapers, and ended up finding a diaper fur picture, and then it went from there. I don't really remember what the search was, i was about 14.

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    I discovered buy taking diapers from my brother when he was a baby I think I was about 8 when it did that. So I really just continued that for a couple of years. Then I stopped for a year, then started taking his pull ups. I then got my dsi and used the internet browser and found out that there where other people like me on the internet the rest is history.

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    I don't know exactly how i discovered my AB/DL side. But as long as i can remember i'd like diaper since i was 5 years old and i think i'm the only one who got it. Until i know internet when i was like 14 years old and start googling about diapers and then i know i'm not alone(at least in the world) to like AB/DL

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    The earliest desire I had is when I was 6. However I didn't know what it was nor was I mature enough to be self-aware of it. I just wanted diapers. The desires vanished to a minimal degree for sometime after I got caught (which thankfully has been lost to my folk's memory), then resurfaced again with more intensity when I was 13. Still never had word for it. I figured out what it was when I was 18 when I acquired my own computer and became curious, but I binged/purged still until 7 months ago.

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    I liked diapers for as long as I can remember, I remember taking diapers from my younger sister when she was in them. I also wet the bed until I was 11 and I still do on occasion. Liking diapers opened up my AB side which I currently enjoy every time I get indulge in it.

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    My discovery didn't start with diapers. I wore goodnites to bed until I was like 11 or something out of necessity but I was glad to be out of them when I finally stopped peeing the bed. Wetting the bed made me feel gross and full of shame.
    I've always been a little kid... I kinda felt like I never grew up and when I was being an adult (even before I knew I was like this), it felt forced and like I was faking it and everyone could tell.
    I didn't know why I still liked to shop at Claire's and why I got so excited about Toys R Us and why I loved pigtails and ruffles and Hello Kitty and lolita stuff so much.

    When I started dating my now-wife, I had the urge to call her Daddy once during... an intimate moment. Age playing started out as a sexual thing for us. After some time though, I started feeling like that wasn't what I wanted from it. I think maybe Fetlife had something to do with it. I didn't realize age play could be non-sexual, other than adult baby stuff which I wasn't into at the time.
    Now it's almost completely non-sexual.

    So I was just into being a little girl, around 4-7... but I discovered and was suddenly obsessed with the idea of having a pacifier. When I was in 8th grade, I bought a huge plastic pacifier necklace (meant for ravers, I think) and sucked on it like a real pacifier. I had never wanted to give up my pacifier as a kid but my mom threatened that Santa wouldn't bring me any presents if I didn't. So when I found real ones for adults, I freaked out! From there, the baby stuff was a slippery slope

    I think the adult baby in me really came out though due to an emotionally difficult period of time that just passed where I was apart from my wife for job relocation purposes.

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    My younger sister was a bed wetter and was in nappies until 12 or so.
    I used to find her stuff and wear them but exactly when it became a part
    of my life is a bit hazy, but it did and have enjoyed the sensations ever since.

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    I liked it before I knew what it was, but I don't remember exactly how I discovered what it was. I think maybe it was an article about some old creepy guy...of course... but probably when I discovered Pampered Penny is when I realized, oh, this is an actual fetish, and it's not just creepy old men. Seeing a really pretty girl in diapers and dressed like a baby really turned me on, and it snowballed from there and I eventually fantasized about myself being babified and bought my first paci.

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