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Thread: The day they found out

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    Lightbulb The day they found out

    What was the day your paraents found out you wore diapers???

    The day when my paraents found out was when they stumbal upon an internet search I did when I was 11 years old. When they found it they yelled at me and toald me to never look up this stuff again. Now of days I do my DL searches at mid-night with the internet explorer InPrivet browsing. They don't know that I still do this to this day.

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    When my family moved from lower Ky to Louisville, i was like 12ish and all my stuff was packed into those blue storage bins. The only one big enough to fit my diapers in had those multicolored see through connecter shelves u can build things with. Needless to say she was making sure i packed everything well and stumbled upon them. All she did was blush and ask why, to which i could only reply "IDK".

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    My mother (whom I refer to disaffectionately as "Mommy Dearest") found my diapers in the trash and screamed her head off at me! I have never been shamed so much! I was 15 yrs old at the time. I hated her ever since that day and never gave up my diapers. I just hid them more strategically..

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    I can't remember the exact date, but I was 19. Bought my first bag of diapers. Couldn't find a proper hiding spot, so I hid them under my couch in my room. My mom vacuumed that day, ( even though I do it myself o.o ) but she let it go for a week or so, until she confronted me. She wondered what was up with all this, I told her that this was for relaxing from emotional stress; something that was common for me back then - With my dad dying just a few months prior. Either way. She would at times mention this, ask if I was going to quit. I told her that I didn't see any wrong in what I did. Particularly that i'm not hurting myself.

    Either way. Skip forward 4 months, and she calls my sister.

    Even though i specifically told her not to tell anyone. I was pissed at the moment she told me that.

    But then she went on to tell me that my sister told her to calm down, it's nothing to worry about. And well, there's far worse things out there.

    It was odd, suddenly getting a hug from mom, something I hadn't gotten in years. But also nice, to know that this that has gnawed on my conscience for so long was finally over.

    Thank god for having a smart sister eh? ^~^
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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    @Glennikit that's awesome about what your sister said.
    I agree! Sounds like she turned the tidefor you. Seems like your mother just needed a 2nd opinion to confirm things were okay.

    On with the topic at hand. My folks have never found my diapers. Still to this day they do not know, nor will they ever. There is no need for them to know.

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    I don't know why but mum decided to rearrange part of my wardrobe ( I have no idea why, she's never done it before, I was annoyed just at that) but she found a pack of goodnights I had shoved under an old backpack ages ago and forgotten about. She told me she had found them and said we should talk about it, I said we could if she wanted to (I wanted her to understand she wasn't going to change anything by talking to me about it). That was about four months ago and we still haven't discussed it. But I think she may have know for a lot longer, seeing as she caught me with diapers under my bed when I was seven and when I was about 11ish she found a diaper in the top of my wardrobe, I just told her my younger (bed wetting) brother chucked it up there as a joke.

    But I'm not too worried about it anymore, I had been considering telling her for a while anyway.

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    The day my parents found out. In February of 2003, dad picks me up after I get back from skiing. He tells me he saw the picture I took with his camera and he is very disappointed in me. I was confused and didn't know what he was taking about. he told me I took a photo of me wearing some kind of underwear and I told him I deleted it so how did he see it and he said I never deleted it from the camera but I did on his computer. He told me I was not allowed to use his camera again ever.

    In June that same year, mom and I were cleaning in the basement. Mom starts to look under my bathroom sink for something and then she sees a Depend pull up, she takes it out and says "Don't wear diapers Beth" then she asks me if it's wet and sees poop in it and goes "Oh Beth" and then tells me to throw it out. Then she grabs a bag and puts the diaper in it and says it's so my brothers won't see nor their friends when I take it upstairs. She tells me to throw it away outside in the trash cans. I do that. Then she asks me a bunch of questions like where did I get the diaper, from my grandfather, do I wear them to school, and I told her the truth. I do buy my own and I don't wear to school. I was surprised she took it so well and she didn't even take them away from me but I was still embarrassed about it. She just said I was almost an adult and she can't do anything about it.

    My mother can be so full of surprises no matter how critical and judgmental she sounds. She just accepted it but made it clear she does not like it and to not expect her and dad to put one on me. She even said she finds it all gross and sick and disgusting and she doesn't want me throwing them away in my room or bathroom anymore because it smells. I must say it took the pressure off me of hiding them and whenever I had to throw away a used one, I would put it in a plastic bag and tie it and throw it away. I didn't have to go to town anymore to toss in the dumpster when I go to school.I could also be around my mother now when wearing and not have to worry about getting caught if she slaps my butt as always or wants to fix my clothes I have on. Mom did worry for a little bit about me wearing them but she got over it. She used to ask me sometimes if I was still wearing them as if she thought it was a phase and I would get over it. Now she doesn't ask me anymore because I made her realize it does not go away and that is like asking someone if they are still gay or if they are still dating other men and having sex with them. Not all gay people have to date their own gender and make out with them because they can still date women and have sex with them just like a DL doesn't have to wear diapers. I will never quit. When I do, it always comes back. It comes and goes for me.

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    I soaked a pampers nappy when I was 13-16 (I think I was around that age when I did it), then put it in the bin or under my bed. When my mum found out the strong odor smell or saw it in the bin, she was shocked and unhappy about it. It wasn't a good sight (I can tell you that loud and clear), but to this day I still do it when she's not around and I keep it to myself privately.

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    My parents havent found out.....

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