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Thread: Anyone else have this kind of karma?

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    Default Anyone else have this kind of karma?

    Ok so the other day I was at the store buying a few groceries and decided to re-stock on my supply of Stayfree's (yes, I know I had it coming even buying those and even going down that aisle). Well anyways, when I go up to the checkout, there are two cashiers and just my luck the guy that I was gonna go to got off on break and then pointed over to the lady cashier and you know I dont really have a problem with that its just that when buying sissy/crossdressing items it makes things even more unnerving. well I go up and put all my items on the counter and then try to act casual and must done something to give myself away because the lady said "you dont need to be nervous hon, you would be surprised how many guys I've seen come here to buy these for their girlfriends" and I simply played along and replied with "yep, hopefully this will be the last time". she then hands me my reciept and change and my bagged items and I simply take it and leave. This is just one of the many times something like this has happened to me when buying sissy stuff. I swear its almost like the stores know and do this just to get a cheap kick out of me getting embarrased
    Has anyone ever had this kind of luck or karma before?

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    haha. i actually bought some for my wife... was just as nerve racking.

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    Oh man, the other day I was at KMart, perusing through the extra large girl clothes (always on the lookout for cute outfits...unforch most of the time, the larger girl sizes don't fit, and nothing in the women's is cute enough) and I went to try some I don't know how most KMarts are, but in the one I went to the fitting rooms were actually padlocked, and you had to ring a bell for assistance and everything. Talk about mortifying. So this lady comes, and is all like, "IS THAT FOR YOUUUU???LOLOLOL!!" Ok so not quite like that, but she totally laughed. I was so mortified. I was like, "Uhm, no. It's for a friend's kid who is big and close to my size so I figured I'd try them on..." it was really just incredibly awkward and I'm really bad at thinking on my feet...I didn't know what else to say...yeah... =/ >///< Awk.

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    yes I hate when they do that, I remember once I was shopping at Wal-Mart and was looking at a cute pair of lounge pants I had found in the clearance section of the womens dept. So I took them off the hanger, unfolded them, and held them to my waist to see if they would fit me and then all of a sudden I hear the sales associate come up from behind and ask "find everything alright sir?", I just felt my heart sank as I turned around to face her but I was able to keep my cool enough to say "yes mam" to her as I folded up the pants, clipped them back onto the hanger, and re-rack them. I have avoided the womens dept. at Wal-Mart ever since . I swear its like they do it on purpose. For me whether its a middle aged lady or a young girl, thats either a cashier or one of those sales people that come up out of nowhere near the fitting rooms or anywhere else in the clothing departments, it makes it awkwardly nerve racking for me when buying girly stuff or girly clothes.
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    I don't know I guess I am different sometimes I will call them on and say what if they are then they are usually dumbfounded and walk away

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    Gale, I was shopping at Wal*Mart a couple of weeks ago with a friend (who knows I'm into ageplay) and I was trying on a bunch of little girl clothes...and nobody said anything. Frankly, I was surprised (albeit incredibly relieved.) Maybe they were too busy to notice or care, I don't know.

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