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Thread: Diaper art - Transform your diapers!

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    Thumbs up Diaper art - Transform your diapers!

    For all you baby diaper lovers that have a hard time getting into what's available on the market, a fun and inventive way to make regular adult diapers more babyish is to get creative and draw on them yourself. It's a lot of fun and with practice, you can make really pretty designs. Plus, if you're doing it on a partner's diaper, it's an enjoyable bonding experience you can share together.

    On my partner, I use SCENT washable markers. That way, I can make nice faded colours by wiping the ink with my thumbs. The only thing is that they do come off on skin and would probably rub off on clothing if not dryed. (Everything cleans off very nicely anyway.) You could try with another type of marker, but do not get markers that bead up on contact with PVC.

    Baby designs are simple to draw. Just think of something pretty. Usually, nature is a good place to start. I like drawing landscapes, flowers and animals. You can also get creative with simple geometrical shapes such as stars, hearts, and cubes. Oh... and don't forget words like baby, ABC, little, etc.

    As you can see in these pictures below, designs can be simple as well as complex.

    And there you have it! A fun and inexpensive way to make adult diapers a lot more babyish and personal. (We like to use Depends max protection because they don't have any lettering on them and have a nice shape. - They're also really cheap and available everywhere.)

    What are you waiting for? - POST YOUR ART!

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    Wow! What a great unique idea you have, im sure to steal this idea from you next time i have the padding and the time. I would like to offer one of my ideas in return for yours, printed packaging tape. I have heard it works very well and can be bought in babyish designs, although i have not tried it myself.

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    Yes I have heard of printed tape. It's not just any packing tape though, because I can tell you from experimentation that the packing tapes I tried did not stick properly to my diaper.

    Besides, there are two main advantages you get from drawing on them yourself that printed tape doesn't give you.

    A) You can create a new design every time you change.
    B) No special orders, you can buy what you need at the dollar store!

    Here is a design that is more unisex:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ahhh, might be something to do with the glue on the tape and the plastic diaper covering? It might work better with cloth diapers. But yeh, a new design everytime (for a cheaper price!) is a lot better, also fully custmoizable.

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    I allready do somthing like this but I been having some technical diffcultys with everything so thats why I cant post any of my fancy Pokemon diapers...Like to but...Computer problms..

    [Nice and cute tapes tho!]

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    New design every time, no special orders, cheap and my favourite is the bonding when in that mindset. It's like he's paying extra special attention to me, making my diaper cute and pretty and you're so cute when you're concentrating

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    Another tip: if you make a mistake that you have a hard time fixing, try using it to your advantage. For example if you draw little duckies and one of the duckies has a running eye, make all the duckies eyes bigger!

    Tonight I tried to make a nice pastel purple background, but I accidentally made a dark spot. So I just made the whole background deep purple and this was the outcome:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	diapertape4.jpg 
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    BTW the writing is roughly translated to Madam Pipi Pants. lol

    @Megachar: Can't wait to see those designs!

    @JillTheKitten: I love you.
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    That's a neat idea. I've printed some tapes many times, but I never thought of drawing directly on them. I might just do that next time I buy cheap diapers. (I'm too scared to try it on my Biancos XD)

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    NO! Biancos are precious. Don't do it on those!

    I'm curious to see some of those tapes. Did they work well? What kind of material did you use?

    Oh, and I actually liked your signature dude!

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    It didn't design any of the tapes myself. I simply used the designs from Pamperchu's website. You basically print them on plain paper and apply them with packing tape. I went a step further though and printed the designs on sketch paper, which is that really thin stuff. You don't really feel the paper that way.

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