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    Lightbulb Dreams

    What are some of your weardest dreams you had involving diapers???

    My dream took place at a camp site. I was camping alone and bye me was an family of 5. They were packing up to go back to their house. Well as they were packing up there was a pack of Pampers Cruisers size 7 sitting on a table. I went over and ask who diapers where they. They respond and said it belongs to their 17 year old daughter. I went and met their daughter and we instantly knew that we were perfect for each other. When we where talking I found out that we lived near each other. We asked her paraents if she could stay with me and they said yes. In staying with me her paraents left a box of diapers for her. Well to sum this story up we stay with me until i had to go back home.

    I loved that dream and had it archived on one of my flashdrive but i accidentaly deleted it .

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    I once had a dream that I found some Huggies in my mom's closet. I asked her about them and she told me that if I was really good, I could wear them for a day. I don't exactly remember all of the details but I ended up sitting on the side walk in front of my church with one on and I wasn't wearing any pants, just a shirt and diaper. This was deffinatly the weirdest diaper dream that I have ever had, however I have a lot and I don't remember most of them.

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    One of my weirdest diaper dreams came the same day I first used diapers post-babyhood with my brother and our neighbour. I was about 8 years old. It involved the neighbour that had participated in our diaper activities. I dreamt I went to her place to play and she was like: "Guess what my mom bought me for my birthday? Diapers!" I was like: "NO WAY! That's awesome!". Then I dreamt that I woke up and told her about the dream and she replied: "But she did buy me diapers!" Then I woke up for real.

    I remember it being so surreal and ridiculous. I actually told her about it the next day. When I went to her place, her mom said something along the lines of: "Remember what we talked about. Don't." (We had gotten caught wearing the day before.)

    Sigh... reality.

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    Reality sucks by a lot. I don't realely dream about diapers

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    I had a dream last night actually, probably caused due to browsing the Internet too late. xD

    Anyway, I went to a museum and it was pretty vast, so I was wandering around and found a room centred around diaper lovers and adults babies. It was just general displays, none of which I really remember, and there was some interactive game in relation to it (pretty much just like a regular activity thing in museums). Then there was a slightly older guy who was lingering around for a little too long. So we spoke and he told me he wore diapers. We chatted for a bit and I don't remember much more.

    However I only really dream about diapers every once in a while, and usually not much happens - there are just people wearing them, so this one was pretty different.

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    I'll quite often dream of situations where I am wearing a fully exposed and pretty wet diaper...seriously in need of a change you know...and I'll be just hanging around family and stuff kinda freaking out but at the same time wondering why the hell they aren't noticing. it's weird but kinda awesome at the same time.

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    I just remembered another really weird dream that I had once; this one more vividly then the first one I described. I was old enough to drive and I had a pack of Goodnites that I bought in my closet. They were the girly kind with the Butterfly print on it, and I still fit in them. I woke up for school and decided to risk it, and wear one that day. I don't remember all of what happened during the day, up until the very last class. I was on my way out of class when my friend Karry stopped me. She's one of those bossy, in charge kind of girls. She asked me why I was acting so weird all day. I refused to answer and started to get nervous that I would miss my bus home, so I kept walking. She either tackled me, or tripped me because I remember being on my back with her on top of me and she was playing with my fly. I tried to push her off of me, but she had back up from somebody else, I don't know who. My pants were unzipped and she saw the diaper I was wearing. She just looked up at me, said, "Oh," and then climbed off of me and kept walking.

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    When I was younger I used to have several reoccurring dreams that ran in similar directions. Sometimes I was in a store with my mom and we would walk down the diaper isle. Somewhere in the dream I had taken some diapers and plastic pants. In another dream I would look in my bedroom closet and there would be diapers and plastic pants. I would put them on and feel oh so good. Then the dream would end.

    In later years I have dreamed that I'm back in college. I walk into my room and there are diapers and plastic pants on the floor.

    The weirdest dream I had fairly recently. My wife and I went to a bread and breakfast sort of inn in a historic inn dating back before the American Revolution. They have a laundry room which I go to and it's filled with women doing laundry, and I'm standing there wearing only a diaper, which they sort of acknowledge, giggling. I then leave and walk down a hall, then going up a set of stairways to the attic of the building. Once there, I've traveled back in time to the revolutionary war. There's a feeding troth for the animals and in it is a dead soldier. Making Washington proud I suppose, I'm still wearing my diaper.

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    I have diaper dreams rather frequently but the dream I really remember is me changing my nephews diaper then giving him a new one then popping one on for myself

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