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Thread: Pinhole leaks in Unique Wellness Diapers / Other diaper defects, anomalies

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    Unhappy Pinhole leaks in Unique Wellness Diapers / Other diaper defects, anomalies

    So, a month or two back Unique Wellness put out a pretty decent sale (as they do from time to time) and my stash was running a bit low so I ordered a case. I hadn't ordered them in about a year, so I wasn't super surprised to find out the design had changed a bit. For instance, the outer cover is a bit more matte looking but still nice (the older ones were unusually shiny) and the wetness indicator went from two stripes to one. All in all, no big deal.

    However... on my first day diapered in one, I noticed an unsettling bit of moisture on the outer shell of the diaper. After another wetting, I noticed that it was a pinhole leak, from at least a few tiny holes. Disappointing, but, I've been into diapers way long enough to know that it happens from time to time and that it's not super unusual to find a diaper here or there with pinholes.

    But, then I noticed it with the next one... and the next. I probably wore at least 10 out of the first bag, and every single one had this same problem. I wished I'd saved the bag to jot down the lot number or something, but I'd already discarded that. So, I checked out the two unopened bags... and saw they were from the same lot. I popped one open and tried it out today... and, more pinhole leaks!

    I called them up this afternoon to voice my concerns. They weren't exactly apologetic, but they didn't give me any trouble about it either. They claimed not to have any known bad batches... but I don't know if I believe that. They gave me a UPS label to ship back the two unused bags to be replaced. Hopefully these will be better. If I were really incontinent, I'd have been pretty upset, as on a few occasions I had spots show up and had to immediately take cover until it dried out a little and not wet any more after.

    So, basically I'm wondering, has anyone else experienced this with Unique Wellness, or any other diaper for that matter? I've experienced the typical diaper defects (missing tapes, missing padding, padding not centered right) and some anomalies (I had a case of Dry 24/7's that looked kind of "ribbed", but they still worked fine).

    Usually the defects only affect a single diaper, and aren't worth raising a fuss over... a little duct tape works just fine. This is the first time, though, where a whole case appeared to be defects. Secretly, I hoped they wouldn't make me send them back, because I can still get away with them at home and if I can find my old plastic pants... but I'm not surprised they wanted them back.

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    I've had that issue with almost every Wellness diaper i've ever used.

    Honestly, the only good thing I can say about them: They have the strongest sticking tapes in the universe. (although, they tend to fall off the back-sheet.)

    Other than that, I wouldn't bother with them, to be honest.

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    I wonder if it's related to the new design... I'm pretty sure I never had this issue with the ones I had from about a year ago. I've got a few left in my archive, so I'll dust one off and see. If it works okay, I guess I'll try my luck and ship back the unused ones I have now.

    It's kind of discouraging to hear you've had this problem too. Other than that, I really like these diapers. Oh well. Now that Dry 24/7 is back, maybe I'll go that route next time.

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