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Thread: Anybody else with IC?

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    Default Anybody else with IC?

    For over a year I have dealt with constant urgency and chronic "pain". It has made me unable to sleep. I was diagnosed with overactive bladder and given vesicare a year ago. Vesicare made things worse. Recently my GP checked my prostate and said I may have prostatitus. My new urologist checked my prostate and is not convinced. I have a bladder and renal sonogram wed. I personally think I have interstitial cystitus. I don't think prostatitus or oab can cause the frequency I am expieriencing. Even when I empty my bladder I feel awful. I am getting frustrated because A: everyone keeps asking if I feel pain and B: everyone assumes I am sexually active. Pain is such a relative thing... I used to run marathons competetivly before I started having bladder issues. I suffer from real legit migranes. My idea of pain is getting tased or a migrane. I don't consider the bladder sensation painful per say but.... it is so unpleasant that it has ruined my quality of life because I avoid everthing I enjoy. Nobody seems to understand how badly my life has gone down the tubes. And the worst part is that everyone assumes it is because I have just become sexually active! Just because I am a 19 year old male! I am asexual and obviously a virgin! I don't have any fucking stds. I don't have some infection I got from getting crap up my urethra during sex.

    Anyway despite the lack of input from my doctors. I have started to change my diet to not irritating foods and am drinking lots of water. I am feeling better but I still wake up 4 or 5 times a night to urinate.

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    I'm severely IC but not with the same symptoms as you so I can't give any advice except keep going back to the doctor until you have some answers. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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    I don't mean this as bad but just got a little confuse. "because I have just become sexually active!" - "I am asexual and obviously a virgin".
    Did they say anything about BPH? Have you had an endoscopy or ultrasound? Any urine samples taken? Was your doc a GP or urologist? Or did they just go by your description and maybe a digital?

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    Sorry to hear of the problems - Sometimes it takes a very long time to get the answers you need but a "dual action" approach of seeking ways to make life more comfortable as well as understanding what is happening can be very helpful. Perhaps asking your doctor to see if he can help with the discomfort and life spoiling symptoms -this is as important as getting a clear diagnosis.
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    Sorry your are feeling so bad to the point that this is keeping you down and out. When it comes to bladder problems, I have found that most family doctors really don't know what to do other than try meds because they are just guessing what the problem might be. Without some of the proper test that urologist do, it makes it that I also uch harder to figure out what the problem might be. Mind you that even with all the testing they still may not figure it out. I understand the frustation of having to answer the same questions over and over but now after 4plus year, I just laugh about it to myself. I answer them and go on. I also know at your age, it is much harder because people feel that only babies and older folks should have problems with bladder issues and such, which is totally not true.

    Since you were an avid runner, has any of the doctors thought about spinal problems? Since you have other symptoms there is always a chance of pinched nerves that could cause what you have described. Try keeping a log of what you eat, drink, when you have problems and such to see if there is any pattern. I know you said you have changed your diet, but there also could be something missing from your diet too.

    Pray that you can find the cause and get back out to being yourself, running and living life the way you should/want to live it.

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    If I laugh too hard or too much I will pee my pants. I also have been a bed wetter from 5 to 12/13 and it came back when I was 16 and I am 26 years old and still wet the bed. My doctor thinks it's stress related.

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    I officially have IC. I have changed my diet and I am starting to sleep better. I have also just thrown in the towel and started wearing diapers 24/7. Running is still hard. A lot of that issue is the heat and the psychological trauma of the past year.

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    BPH can definitely cause frequency, that I can say from a lot of personal experience! (I have constant issues with it). Just as a lil reference tho: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia | Incontinence, Nocturia, Enlarged Prostate, and Prolapse Information
    "Irritative symptoms include urinary frequency, urgency and waking up to urinate at night."

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