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Thread: Almost ready to get diapers!!!

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    Default Almost ready to get diapers!!!

    My fascination of wanting to wear diapers and go potty in them like a baby is about to close in on reality. Having enough money of my own to pay for things, it won't be long before I'll start buying SDKs from AB Universe with the BabyFresh scent because the BabyFresh scent is supposed to smell like the scent of a classic Pampers diaper, like very babyish and that it brings back memories of our babyhood. As of now, the medium-sized SDKs are out of stock on all packs except the sample pack, but luckily since my waist is measured 42", I'll only need to get large-sized SDKs. I was wondering if anybody here, who at least buys diapers from AB Universe, ever tried out the BabyFresh scent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    I have I like the scent bit it made it hard to hide them.
    Must be really nice to enjoy the BabyFresh scent from AB Universe, even though it is not guaranteed to be discreet, right? Glad you enjoy it.

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    I ordered them with the baby scent and the scent quickly became apparent in my room. Luckily nobody comes into my room but hiding and using them will be the issue.

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    I need to try this scent some time. I but it feels nice when you open the packet whit this baby scent diaper.

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    If youre trying to be covert and discreet, Id recommend getting them without the scent. The chemical they use in AB universe tends to emanate which can be really noticeable. Thats why I go with conventional baby powder. Put in as much as you want.

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    I was scared and excited when I got my first pack at a drugstore. That's why I got my wife to get them for me. .

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    I don't like the smell of scented baby diapers. I used to work at a store stocking shelves and the cases of diapers would give me a headache when I opened them. I realize I'm probably in the minority there though.

    Anyways I'm posting here cuz I'm also getting really close to being able to buy diapers and try them out for the first time! Hooray!

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