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    Default Hi Everyone! :)

    I'm a bit shy, but I'm gonna try my best to write a good introduction, so I'll start with the basics. :P I'm a nineteen year old boy, I live in Pennsylvania, my hobbies include hiking and playing instruments, and I really like diapers In fact, I can't really remember a time where I wasn't fascinated with them, and though I'm not entirely sure where this fascination came from, I might have an idea.

    One day in preschool (I think I was four at this point, and fully potty-trained), I was running around the playground and focusing solely on the game of tag (or some other game that requires a lot of running around) that I was participating in, when suddenly I had an accident. One of the teachers ended up noticing and took me inside to get me cleaned up. But apparently, I didn't have any clean pairs of underwear (I'm assuming that was her reason for it, since I don't actually remember if she said anything about it or not), so she decided to just put me back into a pull-up and send me on my way. It made me feel weird, but I don't remember if I actually liked it or not. However, I do remember being very interested in diapers and pull-ups after this point, but I didn't realize what these interests were all about until I was like, thirteen or fourteen.

    Unfortunately, being an only child, I wasn't able to get my hands on any diapers until around age seventeen, and they were far too small for me But once I reached eighteen, I made it my goal to go out and buy some from one of the local drugstores. I've only bought Goodnites so far, but if anyone has any recommendations on what to buy next, I'm all ears [And I apologize if this is difficult or annoying to read]

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    Your intro is fine but we can guess you have an interest with diapers can you tell us about the rest of your hobbies and interests? like music, movies or sports?

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    Well, I really am into all kinds of music, and I don't like to say I hate any genre because I can usually find something I like, even if I hate most of it :P (though i'm not a fan of pretty much any popular music on the radio right now). I used to be a huge movie buff, but I haven't really been watching many as of recent times, and I don't really have any favorite movies anymore. The last movie I saw in theaters was "Safety Not Guaranteed", which I thought was very fun and sweet :3 And I'm not a big fan of sports, but if I go out with my friends and they start playing something, I'll gladly join in

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    What movie is your favorite all time movie?

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    Hi and welcome to ADISC! What instruments do you play? I play the drums and love it!

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    That's so cool I've been trying to watch more movies maybe write some reviews, you should check out the movie club

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