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Thread: Anyone tried the Unique Wellness Brief?

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    Default Anyone tried the Unique Wellness Brief?

    I have an interest in these because they've recently become available in Australia and they've received a pretty big marketing push.

    How do you think they are? Do they function well?

    I especially like that no matter the size they all absorb the same amount.
    Awesome news for small/medium wearers like me!

    Anyone tried them? Perhaps in the US or Europe (if they are available there that is)?

    Just wondering because Abena Plastic backed M4's aern't available these days and they were the only "international" diaper I had some experience with.

    I have ordered a sample of them just now but it will probably be a few days before I receive them; so was just looking to gather some thoughts before then.


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    I have tried them and I do like them. But for me they don't hold the maximum amount like they claim because they leak on me when I have them on for too long and wet them too much. I don't even do really long pees so no way it can be ten cups already I did. If they are defective they will leak sooner and sometimes they leak when i wet the lying down and other times they work really well and don't leak. They are great use to wear for all day and they never leak and I can wear them to work and they won't leak. I work part time. I have had about three times when they did leak but they were defective. I will keep using them.

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    I'm currently about half way through a case. So far for me they are ok. During the day they are fine but because I'm incon and a heavy wetter I have continued to ware plastic pants at night.
    They have been having introduction sales try code ABDL and you can get 15% off at least here in the States. I don't know if it the same for down under.

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    I wear them pretty regularly. Wish they came in the color white. They are a descent diaper, not my favorite, but certainly worth trying.

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    I ordered a pack of these from ABU, looking forward to trying them!

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    I've gone through a case of them, and they are pretty good. I'd give them a 8/10. The tapes are buggy sometimes, in that the 2 tape system malfunctions and you only get the one tape.

    In terms of comfort, they need to be taped tight, which makes them a little uncomfortable overnight. The plastic shell is very smooth and is a little noisy for public, but comfortable to wear.

    As far as absorbency they are very good. By themselves, they are good for 6-10 hours. The biggest problem is that they do not wick that well. the only way to get the full brief used, I have to put one on at night before bed, and use it sitting on the couch. Then in bed, I use them laying on my stomach.

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    I do like the double tape they yse with them incase you need to correct yourself, and They held up my very heavy wetting of a minute straigt of pee. I do wish they came in white of especially pink.

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    I always thought the double tapes were for so you can take the diaper off and put it back on again. I use both tapes when I put it on and if I have to take it off, I can put back on again and the blue tape shows me where had the tabs and they re stick.

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    honestly ive tried them before, theyre a decent diaper but ive had problems with the plastic shell stretching too much and the tapes coming off at times. i think i may also have had the problem of buying too big of a size though

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    So it seems they are above average but nothing special?

    Well, I'll be picking them up tomorrow so will let you know what I think of them

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleAyria View Post
    honestly ive tried them before, theyre a decent diaper but ive had problems with the plastic shell stretching too much and the tapes coming off at times. i think i may also have had the problem of buying too big of a size though
    I hate when you get ones that are too big!
    Recently a bought a pack of large TENA Slip Maxi's just to kind of check out the size differences and frick, it's like I'm drowning in the things XD

    No offence to anyone who's a large! But I'll stick to my Small/Mediums thank you

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