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Thread: show us you halloween costume

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    Arrow show us you halloween costume

    i figured this would jsut be a fun little forum to show off your hallowen costume. and i know it most likely wont be as active til around halloween but ll just open it now for some poeople who already hav theres me :P

    heres mine...please excuse the *ahem* dorkyness >_>


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    I don't have one...Well not one that I can get to at the moment (not it's not a cow)

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    I'm going to take some pictures of my costume when I wear it on Halloween so you have to wait Plus I'm not done with it yet, I need to dye my hair black again, paint my fingernail black and put on my makeup.

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    I have to march at a football game on Friday night. >: (

    I guess I'll get a picture of me with my uniform on and post it up here then though

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    lawl, I enjoy your costume greatly. Did you buy it? And have you ever played that naruto 4 person fighting game?
    I was planning on going as a parallel plate capacitor with a friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HypnoToad View Post
    lawl, I enjoy your costume greatly. Did you buy it?
    nope its 100% home made

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    He looks like he would be this kid Doodlez off of Steam that I play with on TF2. Also unless someone can tell me where to get a Frank outfit from the Movie Donnie Darko I won't have a costume nor would I go anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Wow 10 year old much XD you look young.

    I'm 14 ....danm my amazingly good looks >_>

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