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    Default Hi everyone

    Hello everyone. How's it going? I have been dealing with a taste for diapers since forever. I started living it around 15. I came out in the Ottawa BDSM community over three years ago. Now, I'm a Daddy in a happy abdl relationship.

    I love answering questions. See you around the boards.


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    Ewwww.... tasting diapers?!

    Hehe.. Just messing with you. Welcome to the community. It sounds like we had a bit of a similar experience coming to this life. I started out interested in BDSM myself. Honestly, i enjoyed being tied up as long as i can remember. It wasn't until i was out on my own for a little while that i tried involving diapers, only because i didn't want a bathroom run to interrupt my fun. After a few times trying it out, i learned that i liked the diapers by themselves. And then later found this community and learned more about regression and roleplaying.

    But... all of that aside... we are more than just our ABDL interests. Is there anything else you like to do? Sports, hobbies, interests? What kind of things are you looking for from Adisc? Feel free to ask any other questions, we are glad to have you as part of our community.

    Welcome to the site.

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    I knew I was DL first and foremost. I got involved in the BDSM community looking for people who were into alternative lifestyles to learn more about myself. I got a mentor and I trained as an impact player. (Flogging, whips, drumming, etc.) While diapers remain taboo there, I hung out with people who were interested in Daddy/babygirl dynamics. (be that ABDL or not) A few months later, my mentor introduced me to my partner.

    A few days ago, my sibling and I discovered we share this fetish. (isn't that amazing?) While I had taken the Fetlife route, he came to Adisc for support and talked very highly about this community. I felt like it was a good place to be more open about this specific subject matter instead of always having to tiptoe around it like I've been doing. I mainly just wanna talk to people.

    All that aside, I'm a young professionnal that mainly undertakes artistic projects. I'm a musician and playwright and am just glad to be payed to do the things I love. I do tons of neat stuff. I am also an avid gamer.

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    Welcome to ADISC. What instruments do you play?

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    I also love music and gaming so we have that in common what instrument do you play? I play the cello and bass guitar. Hope you have a good time at adisc and welcome

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    I play guitar, bass and recorder flute. I also sing.

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    The cello is such a beautiful instrument. One I wish I could play more efficiently.

    In terms of specific instruments I play on:

    A Martin 000-C16 GTE - it's an electric acoustic guitar as well as my prized possession.
    A Schecter Hellraiser - a seven-string guitar

    Both have very solid pickups and play great.

    (@MagicMan) Do you own a bass guitar?

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