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    so i purchased an HDIS sample back of briefs. 24 diapers, 2 of each kind.... now they have some cheaper brands in there... but its only $9 which isnt bad at all.
    this is what they came with:
    Reassure® Overnight
    Reassure® Maximum
    Depend® Maximum Protection
    Wings Choice® Plus Brief
    Attends® Breathable without waistband
    Attends® with waistband
    TENA® Super Brief
    TENA® Ultra Brief
    TENA® Ultra Stretch Brief
    Tranquility® SlimLine Brief
    Tranquility® All-Through-The-Night Brief
    Molicare® Super Plus Original Brief.

    now i've tried the molicare brief's before and really liked them, but was interested in the ATN's. was very pleased with them as well, i've never tried attends, but wasnt too impressed with them, but the TENA ultra stretch is AMAZING! now i know alot of people love plastic backed diapers.... but i dont always like to wet them, i'll wear them to bed and take it off in the morning, with a plastic back, you only get one or two retapes and then its done, cant re adjust it, these have two big velco straps that wrap around the front. they dont have leak guards, which i was skeptical about it... but i've had one on since maybe 630, i've flooded it twice and have had a a couple more little tinkles, and its still holding up! and i can readjust it as much as i want! it swells super big. i think i will definitively buy a pack of these again!

    i can wear it out, wont make noise, discreet untill you wet it and it swells. but as much as i've been moving around with it wet, its not clumpping to the bottom like some other compairble diapers. even my abena M-3's will clump!

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    it's CRAZY how good of a value that sample pack is!! you could easily pay $10 for a sample pack of 2 high-end diapers, but this has a bunch of different kinds, most of which are reasonably good, and amazing if you remember that you paid ten bucks for it!

    and i can attest to the awesomeness of velcro diapers... unlimited retaping is definitely a great feature.

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    oh i know it. i usually get the sample packs from XP medical, but you cant beat that value for 24 diapers!

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